Why you should need to update android phone

update android phone

Update  Android phone

Update Android phone is very necessary to use the latest technology. A new version of Android adds many features to your cell. Advanced features always about getting new, interesting and helpful stuff. It can impact on different functionalities of a phone. Battery life, security, interface and layout could improve to newer code. Sometimes data accessibility and Wi-Fi performance can be enhanced. Although reforms with old code do not change the design but can increase phone reliability and execution. Over time, hackers find holes in mobile OS that can use to run malicious code. However, if you do not upgrade your phone, you will be at risk. In modern sciences, it is best in touch with update android phone.

update android phone
Update Android phone to a higher version of Kit-Kat could give you best feature by boosting performance and layout. Some of the features are
• The new layout is heart touching.
• App efficiency improved.
• Better operation handling.
• Bugs removed.
• New widgets introduced.
• Smart display for notifications.
• Voice to text familiar.
• Response to touch increases.

update android phone

Upgrading operating system is used to increase the support. For example, Adobe Flash player is used in websites to play videos. If manufacturer upgrades that flash, a user will also need to update the app to view new videos. For few years we do not need HTML 5, so your OS may base on HTML 5. It is the purpose of an update.

There are many benefits for update android phone. Some of them are given below:-
Fast photo sharing:  New version of operating system gives you instant photo sharing and becomes friendly.
Keep the whole world in your pocket: Latest apps are available which keep your knowledge and information up to date.
Seek new location: New place of duty can be checked more quickly where you love to go.
GPS navigation: It is a cool feature. With the help of this, you can search your current location at any time at everywhere.
Unlock new games and apps: All facilities are available if you are upgrading to android version 4.0
Battery usage: Long battery life.
Security risk: Updating reduces the security problems. Sometimes, hackers find holes or flaws in mobile OS that can use to run malicious code. However, if you do not upgrade your phone, you will be at the security risk. Then developers built new models to fulfill those faults and named up gradation. In modern sciences, it is best to keep in touch with the update mobile phone.

update android phone
In market trend, the company does not release an update to older phones. If a company releases new updates on older phones, it does not encourage more customer to purchase new models. Upgrading to the new version is not so easily because some android phones are not capable of receiving updates. They don’t have enough resources or RAM.

Update Android phone is most important to keep in touch with the latest technology and up to date world. The World is growing so faster that within a second, thousands of updates and new apps are coming. So you can take advantage of these apps by up to date android phone. So at the end, it is recommended  to use update android phone.