Reasons Behind Why ANDROID Is Better Than IOS

Android is better than IOS

Android is Better than ios

Many people around us want to know, android is better than ios. IPhones and Android phones are using around the world. I have used both Android and iPhone. As far as my experience, there are many reasons why Android is better than iPhone? The latest launch of Google is Android Marshmallow 6.0. Android Nougat is near to its launching time. On the other hand, iPhone 7 is also just about to launch. Both have very amazing features. IPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus with IOS 9 helped users in some ways. But still, there is a boundary between these two Operating Systems. Let’s check why Android is better than IOS? Here are some reasons:

Android is better than IOS

Multiple Choices with Android :

Apple offers limited options for example in iPhone 6,6s and 6s Plus. You only have three screen sizes and two designs to pick from. On the other hand, Android gives more options in Samsung Galaxy S7, Note 5 and LG G5. You have options of waterproof, different screen sizes, more colors, and different material design with various factors.  So, you see there are multiple choices with Android.

Android is better than IOS

Google Maps :

Google Maps can be installed on iPhone. But you can’t make it default because of Apple Maps. Siri always gets directions in Apple Maps. This app was better at an initial time but not now. There are many missing points of interest, streets, and neighborhood. On the other hand, Google Maps on Android offers many features in Android. It provides you better driving directions and much more.

Android is better than IOS

Expandable Memory & SD card :

The majority of Android phones offer expandable memory and SD card support. You can increase and decrease external memory in Android by an SD card. But on the other hand, iPhone does not support SD cards and expandable external memory. This is a big advantage of iPhone.

Android is better than IOS

Cache Clear :

Apps keep data related to the photos and videos that it downloads in your phone.  This data can easily be cleared in Android by removing Cache Memory. This option is not available in IOS. In IOS, there is only one option to clear app data, and that is Del or reinstall the app.

Android is better than IOS

Customization :

Each user loves to customize on his phone. If you are a lover of this thing, then you surely have to choose Android. Don’t even think about IOS iPhone. The reason is that IOS does not support Customization, but Android does.

Android is better than IOS

Widgets :

Android gives the facility of choosing widgets to users. You can want them to show on the lock screen and their home screen. Also, weather updates, live calendar, and other information can also be displayed. This is only possible on Android. Users can add only some widgets in IOS but only in notification center.

Android is better than IOS

Multitasking :

Multitasking is very easy to use in Android. Only open up the multi-task window and drag two apps. For example, watch a video on YouTube in one window and make notes in another window. IPhone does not support running two apps on the screen at the same time. So you need Android.

Android is better than IOS

Guest view :

We don’t like to share our phone to someone else. For this purpose, Android introduced Guest view. In this feature, stranger person can only access non-restricted apps and data. This feature is only available on Android. There is no sign of this option in IOS.

Android is better than IOS

Default Apps :

IPhone does not let you choose your default apps. Android gives this option. You can choose your default apps if you have more than one kind of that apps. For example, UC browser and Google Chrome are on your Android phone. You can choose default app between these.

Android is better than IOS

Apps installation from other Sources :

IPhone only installs apps from its App Store. But in Android, you can install apps from any location. No matter this place is of your Google Play Store or somewhere else.

Android is better than IOS

Downloading from Anywhere :

If you want to download anything like movie, song or a PDF file. Then go with Android. IPhone does not support downloading. In Android, you must have to sync your data to iTunes and then on your iPhone. This method is not fast and direct.

Android is better than IOS

 Wireless Charging :

It is another way in which Android is better than ios. In iPhone, you need to buy an individual wireless charging iPhone. On the other hand, Android biggest feature is wireless charging. Galaxy S7 and much more have built-in wireless charging.

Android is better than IOS

Removable Battery :

In Android phones, you can quickly remove your battery by removing your back cover. This is not possible in IOS. You cannot remove back cover.

Android is better than IOS

Notification :

Notifications stack up usually in iPhone. You have to double tab too small touch buttons to delete information. This thing is annoying. But with Android, you only have to swap information to remove it.

Android is better than IOS

More features :

Here are also some features that iPhone do not have, but Android does.

Dust and Water resistant

Ability to record 4K HD video

Infrared blaster to control devices

Haptic feedbacks

Ability to access all your files by using your phone as a mass storage

And much more…

Both Android phones and iPhones have their advantages and disadvantages.

But in my opinion, Android is better than ios. And why I am saying this? I’ve explained you many reasons for this reason.

Android is better than IOS