Weed Firm App the best game

Weed Firm App

Weed Firm App

First of all, we should know about Weed Firm App that what it is. Plant firm is a game for iOS and Android platform. It is the number 1 application after beating the Make it Rain app.I this game the player plants the weed and sell to the customer to earn more profits and also saved is from the cops and gangsters until you get the more benefits, and your business grows. In this game, there are ten customers and three visits(criminals, cops, and aliens). The maximum level is 16 before of the game banned from google play store.

Weed Firm App

When you start the weed firm, there is only a strain of marijuana as well as only one type of water and pot. After this plant that seed water it and the seed grow with the confirmation of that the water level should be more than 0 percent. When it becomes sufficiently, then harvest it which was added to your weed stash and ten sold it to your customers when they come to your door to purchase it. After completing the 1st level in the 2nd level, you will meet the gangsters who are taken your weeds and robbing you. Then you have to pay them nothing to do this. And there comes a time when you have no money to do this then it is goof of having the stash of water and weeds so that you can rebuild.
In this game, if the gangsters or cops take everything, and you have no seeds and water then you have to go share button and start sharing through Facebook, email, Pinterest, and google+. For every share, you can get the 10o cash and can do this up to ten shares every 24 hours in this game.
In level 5 you can unlock the ability to buy safely from the Lee. The safe will provide the safety to save all money and seeds in so that if you robbed from the gangsters so they can’t get the money or seeds.

Some of cheats and guides that we collect from different players are follows
1. Removing criminals in the game
2. Don’t forget to use fertilizers in Weed Firm App
3. Instantly grow weeds cheat
4. Unlock big ticket item
5. Buy as many pots as you can
6. Cash cheat
7. Get free money from social network
8. Joint with your customers
9. Get a safe
10. Getting the discounts
• If people don’t want to deal with the gangsters in Weed Firm App, then you can easily get rid of them. When you plant and grow then just pause your game or minimize it or completely turn off this app and then crops will continue to grow, and you have found no gangsters. Now you can quickly produce more seeds and sell them. If you don’t like the cheating, then you can purchase the shotgun and make the counter attack gangsters.
• Different from using a cheat you can also speed up the game by using fertilizers. It will speed up the many things and get cost from your currency.
Weed firm is the adventure game. Children’s and teenagers who like the ad played this In spare time most of the peoples want to do some adventure, so they played this.