Best travel apps for Android you must try.

Travel apps for Android

Travel apps for Android

Travel apps for Android are very helpful when you are leaving your home for visiting someplace you have never visited. These apps are also useful while you are traveling. Travel apps make our life easier. These apps can help you finding a best local restaurant and cheapest flight. You can feel tension free when using these apps and can enjoy the trip without asking for help from anyone.
It is smartphone era. Everyone is using smartphones, laptops, PDA’s, tablets, etc. For Smartphones users using these Apps is a piece of Cake.

Travel apps for Android

Here is the list of some famous Travel apps for Android:
• Tripit
• Airbnb
• LiveTrekker
• Skyscanner
• XE Currency
• Google Maps
• Hipmunk

It stores all of your travel plans about your hotel, car renting booking in one location.It will add your plans in your calendar book. Tripit is free, but it has a paid version call Tripit Pro in 99 cents.

Google Maps:

I am sure you have downloaded Google maps on your smartphone if you didn’t so download it now from the Google Play store for free. Google map is a great map app that lets you plan your path and gives you directions to help you get there.


It’s free and helps you find places to stay by a private host in more than 34,000 cities worldwide. Communicate with the host directly through this app and also watch images and get information about the area, place, etc.


Hipmuck does essentially the same thing as many other Travel apps for Android that let you find and book flights and hotels etc. But it has an interesting feature for finding the best flight for lower cost. If you are looking for the cheapest flight for your next trip so try Hipmunck.

When there are advantages of these apps, there are also some disadvantages.
If you depend on these apps, and you are a novice to these apps, so you can face difficulty to understand these apps. If there is no internet available when you need help, so you cannot use these apps. These apps are free, but internet cost can be high.

As If I share my experience of using these Travel apps for Android, so these travel apps are amazing and mind blowing. I will recommend you all to try these apps. Try once it’s totally free and fun to know every place you are going to visit. Let’s go for summer trip using these Travel apps for Android and visit every place. Time is precious, and no one wants to waste it.These apps are the best for saving our time. Have fun with these apps.