Top Free Apps Like SHOWBOX , You Must Download

Apps Like Showbox

Apps Like Showbox

There are many apps like Showbox in Google play store and on other Android related sites. Showbox is an Android application that is designed for mobile devices. If you have any Android phone or tablet, you can easily download Showbox Movie App. This application has all the streaming capabilities to watch TV movies and shows for free. It is one of the best apps for Android devices for streaming. It allows you to watch HD movies and songs free. You can also enhance your entertainment options. You can easily download Showbox for free. This app is not available on Google Play Store. So, you have to download it from an external source like the apk download website. This is a little bit tight. ShowBox is called the leader in the online streaming of movies and shows. Here is a complete description of Showbox app and apps like showbox.

Showbox app is built to provide free, high-quality entertainment content to its users which may be in the form of movies, films, TV shows and Dramas. It is continuously getting better with the passage time. The latest version of this app comes with News, Music and Trailers categories. These features are not available in other applications.

Apps Like Showbox

Download ShowBox :

This app is not available on Play Store so; you have to download it from other sites. After completing the download, follow these steps to install it correctly.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Then go to Security.
  • Turn on Unknown Sources.
  • Now, Tap on Install and finish the installation process.

If you have any error on the screen like “Unfortunately, ShowBox has stopped.” Then go to Settings > General > Apps > Showbox > Force Stop then Clear Cache & Clear Data. After this, restart or reinstall Showbox.

If there is no “Watch Now” button then only change your server option from torrents to a server to stream video instead of download.

Apps Like Showbox

There are many exciting features of Showbox:

Features of Showbox :

There are no restrictions to watch movies and TV Shows, Serials and so on.

  1. It supports multiple quality videos like 1080, 720, 480 and much more.
  2. You can simply filter your contents.
  3. You can view all your downloads in offline mode. This is a great feature.
  4. You don’t have to remember your username and password, once you have entered.
  5. It gives fantastic user navigation. A new user can easily understand it.
  6. A watchable eye design of this app can grab every attention.
  7. You can watch all your favorite contents like movies, shows, songs and much more.
  8. You can choose and download Movies, Music and TV Shows in a selected manner instantly.
  9. ShowBox app has got simple Design and adorable graphics. Anyone can access his likings by simply search the content.
  10. You can view all your downloads on download folder which was presented on ShowBox app.
  11. You can share your music and videos with your friends via Wi-Fi connection.
  12. You can get various type of entertainment from labels which are provided by ShowBox app. It has four names. You can choose movies from movies category and like this you can do other things.
  13. This app doesn’t have a need to require any sign up to watch your stuff.

Its apk latest version is well designed to access entertainment. Using ShowBox app,  you can get the best of the best stuff from online. You can make a new world within your smart gadget. The latest version of this app is 4.69. It was released on 8 August 2016 with many new and improved features and some minor bug fixes.

Benefits :

The biggest advantage of this is, you can download and watch them for free. You don’t have to pay anything. You can get access to the hundreds of high-quality movies in this app. This app doesn’t have any hidden charges. So, you don’t have to worry about. The contents available in the app are community-driven. It means there’s something for each person. You can find a wide variety of films. You can enjoy action movies, romantic comedies, and almost everything.

Apps Like Showbox

Streaming in HD :

It’s hard to find High Definition videos quickly. But Showbox gives you HD quality videos in every field. This app offers three options of quality like small, medium and large. You can choose from these options and may entertain yourself with your stuff. If you have a good internet connection, you can watch the movies in the highest resolution quality you want.

Installation of Various Android Devices :

You can use this app on any Android smartphone or tablet. These devices are compatible with the app. You can also install this app on devices like the Amazon Kindle or a BlackBerry phone. You should remember that this app is not available in Google Play Store. It means that you will have to download the app manually to your device.

Access to the Latest Movies :

Thousands of users regularly download movies on Android devices. The movies available in the app are continually being updated to the latest releases. If you want to find a video, only go to the search function and type the name of the film. There you will find your search. You can also save the titles to watch it later.  Showbox is your personal movie theater on the go.

Problems in Showbox :

Some users are facing problems and getting “Processing Screen Error“ like errors. Also sometimes Showbox crashes itself. Its reason is the huge number of access to ShowBox’s server. It got resolved later.

Apps Like Showbox

Showbox not Working :

  • Download the latest update from the server of this app.
  • The server is temporarily not available at this time.
  • After you install, image, pictures, and movies are lost.

These problems have become a headache for users. But these problems also have solutions. Servers of Showbox crashed and got down for weeks. Its side effect is that its users have started thinking of its alternatives. These errors are temporary. I was also a user of Showbox, but now I am using its alternative app due to these problems.

Here are some top options of this app.

PlayBox HD :

Playbox HD gives you great amusement with all its stuff including movies, animation films, free cartoons, and shows. It differentiates between new and trending movies. This feature makes it easier to find the trending films. You can also choose the quality picture resolution of a screen as well as you can download the video. It works well on Smartphones. If you have an Internet connection or good Wi-Fi, there will be no buffering. Its installation is same as the Showbox. PlayBox HD free app is also used for children or kids to enjoy the free cartoon movies and animations. This app supports for all Android OS based Mobiles.

Apps Like Showbox

Cartoon HD :

Cartoons HD app has such a high amount of stamina to play all movies, music and Broadcast events. Especially, kid’s shows are on the top of a list. This application has an excess of unusual elements. One of them is you can view any show in medium, high and low quality. It has all the classes of movies, scenes of demonstrates and kid’s shows. You can also utilize this app at any place. This app is free of cost. You don’t have to pay for watching your stuff. To download this app, your Android phone must be 2.3 or above.

Apps Like Showbox

Megabox HD :

It is one of the best apps like Showbox. Megabox HD lets you stream and download HD movies and TV shows for your Android device. New movies and TV series are added on daily basis. You can search for your favorite movies or sort them by genre, rating, popularity, and more. Download your favorite movies and shows to your Android device to watch later. Watch videos in different qualities like 360p, 720p, or 1080p. You can watch videos on your device or stream it to your Chromecast. So that, you can watch it on the big screen. This app has one issue saying “Cannot play this link.” Developers are working on it. Its download is same as above defined.

Apps Like Showbox

Popcorn Time :

You can watch TV Shows, HD movies and animations free of cost. The stuff of all the classes is available. You can set any video show or movie as the favorite by utilizing the option “Favorite” to modify the settings like language, start page and themes. Font size, subtitle language, and font color can also be changed. Downloading any of your best videos is also avail for free. This app will work on every device. Its installation is same as the Showbox.

Apps Like Showbox

Movie HD :

It is one of the best Showbox alternative apps. It is regularly updated with new movies and TV-shows. It is very reliable when Showbox is down. You can save videos in favorite to view in later. You can download any video in any quality. It also offers 3D movies. You can browse by rating, popular, genres and much more. It supports Chromecast. This is a fantastic app to watch HD songs, movies, TV Shows and much more. You can get the same feeling of apps like Showbox Showbox by using this app. You can install this app by using the above method.

Apps Like Showbox

Crackle :

Crackle is one of the best alternatives for apps like Showbox. It has 25+ million users around the web. It uploads content every month. You don’t have the need to sign up to enjoy those movies and shows. Wherever you live, just simply download this app and start enjoying watching free movies and TV Shows. New titles are added on a regular basis. You can watch movies uncut and at full length with fast buffering. The Same method that is mentioned above can be applied to install this app.

Apps Like Showbox

Hulu App :

Hulu App is also one of the best alternatives for ShowBox. This app is available for many Android devices. You can download this app from Google Play Store. This app has a feature of Watchlist. This feature allows you to watch your favorite movies and videos later. This app also allows you to Chrome cast videos on your TV. So, you can watch them on the big screen. This app requires Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G internet connection. There is also an option of sign up. You can watch videos also on credit or without credit. Its installation is simple. Hulu app is considered as entertaining as apps like Showbox.

Apps Like Showbox

Netflix :

Netflix is available for Android phones and tablets with Android 2.3 or later. The current version of this app requires Android version 6.0 or later. This app requests permission to use your phone’s microphone. Its reason is, Netflix app allows you to call customer support directly. This app is available in all regions where the Netflix service is available. You can browse, search, fast forward and rewind. Android phones currently support streaming in 480p resolution. You can get this app from Google Play Store. This application is useful when you have a medium speed of internet connection. It is also among best apps like Showbox.

Apps Like Showbox

Hub :

It has lots of videos, movies, music albums and TV Shows to watch. You can save videos offline to watch them later. It can be used as a social manager. It has the best download manager to download videos. All videos available here are free to watch. You can also manage all of the histories of your chosen apps. There is no sign-up. This is also a useful application to watch videos online. You can find this app at Google Play Store. You can also share videos with your friends. This app streams movies from external links. You can also choose your media player. Hub is one of the best apps like Showbox.

Apps Like Showbox

Terrarium TV :

TerrariumTV is a new app that is developed for TV shows. No doubt, it is relatively new but until now it has been very reliable. It has all the features you could ask for. TerrariumTV has a big library of TV series and episodes. So that, you can watch your missed episodes. This app updates regularly. Now, this app also includes movies. You can sort them by shows, genres, popularity and much more. It has a beautiful interface for users. It gives HD video streaming with the resolution of 720-1080P. It offers multi-language. You can set videos to watch them later. This app can easily be downloaded from Google Play Store. Apps like Showbox, are easily available.

Apps Like Showbox


Overall, watching movies, videos, documentaries, and cartoons is not so difficult. Many apps offer online streaming with fast buffering. You can watch your favorite content at anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t matter that either you have a TV or cable connection. You must have apps like Showbox.