Top Five Apps to Track Android Phones Online

Track Android Phones
Track Android Phones

Track Android Phones Online

Android covers more than eighty percent of the mobile market. Every day thousands of people lose their mobiles. There are many people whose mobiles get stolen. There are many ways to get back the stolen or lost mobiles. We can track mobile by different ways. There are so many application and programs designed to Track Android Phones. Those applications and programs find and locate the lost or stolen Android phones.
These are following methods to Track Android Phones:
• Google’s Android Device Manager
• Google Maps Location History
• AirDroid
There are also some apps which helped people to Track Android Phones
• Bitdefender Anti-Theft Mobile
• Cerberus
• Look out
• Prey
• Where’s my mobile

1. Google’s Android Device Manager:

To set the Android Device, Manager goes to the application’s web page. Link the device with Gmail Account. Once a device is connected, Android Device Manager can track the device. This app will show the location on the map. This application has following features:
• It can Track Android Phones
• It can remove phone’s memory remotely
• It can lock the device remotely
• It can remotely make device ring loudly

Android Device Manager
Android Device Manager

It is the official app from Google to Track Android Phones. There are some requirements to find the device like:
• Lost or stolen Android device should be connected to the Google’s Account
• There should must the internet access to the lost Android device

2- Google Maps Location History:

It is also an easy way to find out the location of Android device. By Google Maps Location History, device’s location can track. There are following things by which you can use this method:
• Android device should be connected to the Google
• There should must the internet access to the lost Android device
• Location report and history should be enabled on lost device

Google Map Location History
Google Map Location History

If above conditions are fulfilled by the device, then this method can find out the location of lost device. It can also find out about the previous location of the lost device. To see the lost device follow these steps:
• At the very first visit “Google Map Location History.”
• Click on the “Today’s date” option
• Click on “Show timestamps” below the calendar
• Now different locations will appear where device was registered
• To find out the last available location, click the “Latest Timestamps.”
By this Lost, Android device can be located quickly.

3- AirDroid:

This method also offers the similar features to the Android, device manager. It also gives great features. These are some features:
• It can initiate front and back cameras.
• Due to camera you can see who is using it
• It can capture pictures and save them to PC
• It has screenshot facility. It can catch the thief by writing


4- Bitdefender Anti-theft:

This app is one of the biggest apps to find out the location of Android device. It works like Android Device Manager. It has more features than that method. These are following functions:
• It notifies when sim card changes
• It can force to call via message feature
• It can force device to pick up next call
• It can lock the device
• It can erase everything from device

Bitdefender Anti-Theft
Bitdefender Anti-Theft

5- Lookout:

It is an old app. When it was started, it had few options. Now it has a lot of features in it. It becomes easier to track lost device. It’s some features are free, and some features are paid. These are following functions:
• It will send email when device is turned off
• It sends email when SIM card changes
• It can switch on the camera and take pictures remotely

Lookout Track Android Phone
Lookout Track Android Phone

6- Where’s My Droid:

It is the best app to Track Android Phones. It has a high number of features. It is a free app. It is available in the Google’s Play Store. Its Pro features can be accessed by paying. It has following features:
• It gives GPS location of lost Android Device
• It can make device ring loudly
• If SIM card changes in mobile it will send you an email
• It can capture pictures, and flash can also be activated
• It can lock the lost device
• It can also wipe the device’s memory

Where is my Droid
Where is my Droid

7- Cerberus:

It is one of the coolest apps. It gives a lot of unique features as compared to other apps. This app can be used free for first seven days. After that, it becomes paid. These are following functions:
• It can hide apps icon
• Thief can never find out what is installed on the device
• It can get the list of calls made from the device
• It can turn on the microphone to hear the voice of the person who is using it


8- Prey:

It is a free app. It is totally like Android Device Manager. Its services can also access by laptop. These are following features:
• Loud ringing can be activated
• It can send custom messages
• It can locate the device
• It can wipe the memory of the lost android device
• It can lock the lost device
• It’s one feature make it secure when it enables it is not possible to uninstall this app

Prey Tracking Android App
Prey Tracking Android App

These apps and methods will be helpful. It is vital to Track Android Phones as it contains our personal information in it. I hope it will be useful. Share it and let everyone know about these apps and methods. There are many other apps, but these are top five apps, and top two methods are used mostly.