Top Android Trends in 2016 You Must Know About

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Android Trends in 2016

Android Trends in 2016 are becoming very hot in the news nowadays. Android users are increasing day by day, due to new trends in technologies. In any field, new trends emerge from the current situation. Some of them remain popular for years. Event trends, those remain popular slightly change their shape under the influence ofAndroid Trends in 2016 cultural and technological shifts. This increase in demand and popularity of mobile apps also brought many changes to application development industry. Technology drives applications as much as customer’s views and opinions. As we stepped into 2016, trends in Android will become more involved and exciting.

Android Trends in 2016

While developing new applications, Android focus on the customer’s experience and reviews of the previous versions. As 2016 gets underway, the technological landscape is remarkably different from just a couple of years ago. Mobile is now become the central need of everyone more than ever; designers are looking to perfect their application design skills to satisfy their clients. Android Trends in 2016 involves following:

Security in mobile phones: In the previous year, due to a dramatic increase in data breaches and hacker attacks. Security was alarming since many applications store sensitive and personal data on their servers. In 2016, security trends are improved and make sure there are no data leaks caused by carelessness.
The Internet is now everywhere: It is predicted that in 2020, More than 50 Billion devices become Online around the globe. For every connected device, there will be a need for a software or application powering it. Developers will be asked to create that critical link in 2016 and beyond.

Virtual reality and GPS: Virtual reality developers steadily license QR(Quick Response) codes for GPS(Global Positioning Systems). In 2016, trends in Android involves “Gear Virtual Reality”, “Pokemon GO” and other VR applications in the market.
Wearables: Wearables are trending nowadays, people are approaching “Gear VR”, “Digital watches” and other virtual Reality gadgets. Developers are looking for ideas to make smooth 3D applications, compatible with VR devices.

Android Top Trends in 2016
Emerging markets tend to accelerate the latest trends in mobile applications. In 2016, Google play will return to China. China is the largest mobile app market with over 200 stores and 601 million smartphones. Android dominates the Asian market at this time. The return of Google play to China will attract more vendors to the market. In coming years, the demand for mobile applications will grow five times faster than development. However, 87% of Android applications fail security tests because they run on outdated software.

Android applications require permission to work. However, cybercriminals can use them for their gains. While downloading an application from Google play store, some dangerous adware like Flash player, etc., without notice. Another possible way to take advantage of this security issue is to focus content providers that handle critical information and data. On the other hand, in spite of disadvantages, mobile applications are now an essential part of daily life. It is useful in many ways. Through Android applications, users can view maps, weather forecast, latest trends and much more. We can calculate the significant amount and do transactions in seconds. These applications have made life easier. We can connect to the world with just simple tap on a screen. It opens the doors of a world for us.
With all issues and advantages, Android applications are becoming the needs of today’s life. Most people are addicted to it. These applications are useful in many ways to benefit people’s life. So in short Android Trends in 2016 are very interesting but these are not limit, we must say its just start of new era.

Android Trends in 2016