Top 10 Android Security Tips You Must Know

Android Security Tips
Security of Android Phones

Android Security Tips

Android Security Tips are now become essential for data protection. Our phones are now the hub of our life. And we all want that it should be safe. We all heard some horror stories like:
• An app that stole credit card info
• Lost or stolen phone having personal information
• An app that break passwords etc.
We want our phones safe from theft and loss. But don’t worry, Android is not that much scary. There are ways to secure your android phones. There are many Android tips. These tips help secure your phone.

Android Security Tips

These days, security is a central issue. Make sure your phone’s security by applying following Android security tips.

Android Security Tips

Screen Lock: Screen lock is the simplest way to secure your phone. Different screen locks are available that supports different devices. These are:

• Password Security Lock
• PIN Security Lock
• Pattern Security Lock
• Finger Print Security Lock
• Eye Scanner Security Lock

Screen Lock

Android Security Tips
                  App Lock

App Lock: You can even apply security locks to the single application. It should be applied to:

• Gallery (to secure personal photos and videos)
• Mail
• Social Apps (Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.)
• Messaging (to ensure private chats)
• Calls ( to obtain contacts and call logs)
Don’t Save Passwords: Never save passwords. Especially when it comes to banking or payment apps, try not to save the password.

Android Security Tips
             Network Security

Network Security: Try to avoid public Wi-Fi network. Especially when you are doing something important, do not use public WiFi. For example, doing your banking online. You can use following apps:
• HideNinja VPN ( to make outgoing connection encrypted)
• Wi-Fi Protector (to make phone secure from attackers)

Android Security Tips
              Backup of Data

Data Backup: It is easy to recover information and apps due to backup. Data is retrieved if the device is stolen, damaged or lost. You can backup data by following steps.

• You should have a Google account
• Make sure Backup option is enable
• Upload your information on Google Drive
Download from Trusted Source: Android OS itself is not dangerous. Applications that user installs are critical. The most trusted source is Google Play.

Android Security Tips
             App Permissions

App Permissions: Check what an individual app was asking to access accurately. App permissions include.
• Device and app history
• Identity
• Location
• Photos/Media/Files
• Information of Wi-Fi Connection
• Information of call and ID of Device etc.

Many security tips are introduced in the market. There are many security software. Those are made to secure Android phones. With the increased use of Android phones, Android security tips are also growing. There are some ways to protect the phone from malware and hackers. Different types of malware solutions are available. The knowledge of malware is also necessary. Without knowing malware, one cannot find a suitable solution. Malware include.
• Arspam
• Carberp
• Finspy
• GPspy
• PDAspy
There are some drawbacks of applying Android security tips. Due to which users face some problems. Which may:
• Slow down device (software use maximum RAM storage, which causes other apps running slow)
• Halt the system (sometimes system hangs up when the RAM is full)
• App lock requires PIN code whenever the app is opened. It sometimes feels annoying to give PIN again and again.
But if we pay attention to its advantages, drawbacks seems nothing. These tips help us protect our vital information. Without these security measures, we are unable to protect or data. Anyone can steal information if security is not applied.

Today’s life is a life of machines and devices. Every type of information is stored online. To take benefit of this online stored information, we should make it secure first. With maximum security, we can use our phones with no danger.