Top Android Live Wallpaper You Must Download

Android Live Wallpaper

Android Live Wallpaper

Android live wallpaper contains the animations, images, and interactive features that the user or developer’s needs. The people can easily change their home screen wallpaper with other than static images. A live wallpaper is a unique service for Android. it provides the beautiful and attracting background that converts from the simplicity. Android live wallpaper can easily work for both tablets and phones. The Live paper makes your phone lush and eye-catching. In the coming years, Android live wallpaper converts in something which makes your mobiles personal and alive without any disadvantages. Here are some of the live wallpaper which is comfortable for your eyes as well as for battery

  • Space Colony Lives Wallpaper
  • Twisted Colors Live Wallpaper
  • Sun Rise Live Wallpaper
  • Fresh Leaves Live Wallpaper
  • The Fluffy Chu Live Wallpaper
  1. Space colony lives wallpaper is one of the best and gorgeous live paper for android mobiles. It has the feature of 3D graphics or panning of the camera as well as many options, for customization. The people can change the light of the city and the track of the camera. By using these options, the city looks like alive or the live wallpaper looks awesome.Android Live Wallpaper
  2. Twisted colors live wallpaper is one of the best wallpaper. It provides you the feature for the purpose of display that contains the fast movements of colors that can easily customize the people liking. The most perfect and best thing about twisted color live wallpapers is more quick and smooth even on a mid and low range Android phones. They are free to is highly recommended. The only drawback is that the people cannot pick the colors and can only use the available themes.Android Live Wallpaper
  3. Fresh leaves Android live wallpaper is my most favorite live wallpaper .it is a paid live wallpaper. It has the higher quality social scene, graphics and a lot of options that can quickly change its look /appearance. When the people use this, they can quickly fall in love with it that how the leaves brighten/lighten their screens. It provides the features to change the seasonal themes like spring, winter, autumn and summer. It significantly worked on a mid and small range of Android mobiles.Android Live Wallpaper
  4. If you people are looking for the cute and adorable live wallpaper, then you should use this live wallpaper. The Chu is the cute little critter produced by Kiku apps. Is brings the Android life with its overloaded cuteness. The graphics of this Wallpaper are nice and beautiful. To see the reaction of the Chu, you can interact with this. You can also change the outfit of the Chu, and backgrounds by using different props. It also has the sounds effects. For free it is the best.Android Live Wallpaper
  5. If you people desire/want the welcoming and live wallpaper then sunrise is the best opinion. It contains the landscape screen with the rising sun. I love the birds flying in the sky. The people can also enjoy this is also free for is not distracting.Android Live Wallpaper These Android Live Wallpaper also have its uses and abuses. Its abuses are that they consume a lot of the battery power and other resources because of continuously running, colors, poor coding, and sensors. Some of these wallpapers also have its side effects such that they slow the phones speed. I like these wallpapers because they are attractive and eye catching.