Top Android Browsers You Should Try

top Android browsers you Should try
Android browsers

Android Browsers

There are many android browsers. But first, you should know what is a browser. Let us consider a browser with android. Android Browser is an app used for surfing the internet. It is used for retrieving and saving information on World Wide Web. It can search and explore websites. It is optimized to display web pages on android phones screens. A web page consists of images, videos, animated pictures and a lot of content. In android mobiles, Google chrome is the built-in browser. There are numerous amount of browsers also available on Google play store.
Android provides several ways to browse the internet, but it’s up to you which is the best for your functionalities, needs, and requirements. Some famous web browsers are here with their best features.


It is used for best customization. It gives you very solid experience. It provides strong features that make it on the top. Firefox mobile version syncing with desktop version in the best way. Firefox android browser synchronizes all your preferences and data including passwords, bookmarks, history and adds on. A big for android is that it works with devices that include your desktop also. It provides strong support for flash player. Adds on and extensions are added to Firefox. The private tab allows the user to browse privately. Firefox is the best feature android browser. Above 1 billion downloads on google play for this app.

top android browsers you should try
Firefox Android Browser

UC Browser:

It is used for fast browsing experience with data saving capabilities. It claims to add block services. Its best achievement is pop-up on mobile devices that lead it. It let you allow the Facebook app on UC browser. If the Facebook app is not installed because of low storage memory, UC browser allows to let you enjoy all features of Facebook. Fast downloading capability makes it stronger. The built-in video player is also the best feature which plays online movies and music. Night mode gives you eye-catching view at midnight without any strain on eyes. It has 50 Million downloads on Google play.

top android browsers you should try
UC Android Browser

Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is the default browser app for android. There are some features of google Chrome. It accelerates the hardware. Its tabs can be switched from swipe gesture. It does remote debugging. Synchronization with desktop let you view same browser tabs on android. Chrome does not support flash video. It runs with android version 4.4. Privacy is an important concern for people so there is the incognito mode for private browsing. Google is best for synchronizing online browsing, and google is knowing too much about people. It has 10 Billion downloads over android.

top android browsers you should try
Google Chrome Android browser


It is usually trended that if a tool is wonderful for desktop, it would also be same for mobile operating system. But this is not always true. Dolphin browser is specially designed for the android platform. I think it is the best featured and amazing web browser as compared to above-mentioned browsers. But people use these browsers according to their popularity.
Using Dolphin Sonar user can use voice command to get his work done. You can navigate, search and share by talking to Dolphin. Dolphin also supports gesture recognition to easy your browsing experience. Moreover, it supports add-ons, HTML 5 video player, private browsing, flash support, jetpack (a boost browsing) and beautiful user interface.

top android browsers you should try
Dolphin Android Browser

ASUS browser:

ASUS browser is the secure and fast android browser. It provides amazing browsing experience by high speed downloading, security and user-friendly interface.

top android browsers you should try
ASUS Android Browser

So at the end, I conclude that everyone uses its own favorite browser app according to his needs and requirements. But I believe that the best and advanced features of web browsing are provided by Dolphin than any other android browsers.