Top 6 Android Security Tips

Android Security Tips

Android Security Tips

The people needs Android Security Tips when they lost their data.In every family there is at least one person in a family who has the Android phones .some people lost their phones so that their information also lost. Information of the people such that their relevant documents, emails, social media accounts, messages, and photos.Android phones contain the built-in feature of Android Security Tips into its operating system that minimizes the issues of safety and frequency. The people can download the security apps from the play store and install on their cells. There are different security tips for personal user data as well as IT, corporate users. The security tips for Android are as follows
• Disable app downloads from unknown sources
• Do not connect to unknown, unsecured Wi-Fi networks
• Download an anti-malware app
• Use the Chrome browser
• Put a lock on your lock screen
• Install a remote wipe/lock app

Android Security Tips
1. The people should not download the apps from unknown and unofficial sources/stores. People only download and install their apps from google store which are developed by authorized developer group.
2. The people should not connect to the unknown and unsecured Wi-Fi networks. Most of the people use the outdated version of Android it can be harmful, and the third party can access the passwords and personal information such as credit card no and numbers. By default, the Android usually phones connect to the Wi-Fi which people often access. The people should avoid using the public hotspot created by cyber criminals.
3. Nowadays everyone is familiar with the viruses and anti-malware app. There are multiple solutions to deal with them .one of them is that every antivirus companies has their anti-malware apps including AVG, Norton, and Avast. The apps recommended by the companies are Trust Go and Lookout.
4. The people should use the Chrome browser which is the default browser in Android. The Chrome browser is more secure than other stock versions.
5. The people have to put a lock screen in their cells for the protection. Some of the lock screen app are pre-installed on their cells, and also the people can install some other lock screen with beautiful themes from the Google store.
6. The people should install the remote wipe/lock app in their android mobiles because it is useful in the situation when their mobiles are lost or stolen by someone. These Android Security Tips apps are available on Google play store they can react to the message or web interface. The remote wipe and lock app are Avast Mobile security and Cerberus.

Android Security Tips
These Android Security Tips also have its uses and abuses .some of their advantages are that they help the people how to secure your device or data from unauthorized access as well as from viruses because of downloading something from unknown and illegal sources .and I don’t think so it has abuses except some of them need to purchase.
I suggest that all the users of the Android should keep all of these Android Security Tips in the mind if they want to secure their devices and data. And these tips are also helpful for the people that how to use the Android devices with legal access in a legal way.