Top 5 Printer Apps For Android

Printer Apps For Android

Printer Apps for Android

There are multiple Printer Apps For Android available which you can easily download. Android operating system is the most popular operating system in the world. Most of the people use their mobile not for personally used and for apps they also used for printing the documents in business. These days’ Android devices can do everything from controlling word document to storing the music. Now the Android devices offer the most advanced n feature of printing. Now the people can print from their Android device. Suppose you are the students or work somewhere in the office or owns an office. Then you have a need to print some documents then it is hard for you to carry out USB for printing. Now for this people can print easily from their mobile devices. There are different types of printer apps for android printing

  • Print
  • ICan print WIFI
  • Cloud printing
  • PrintBot
  • Print share mobile printer
  1. The print is a simple name for a simple Printer App For prints the documents through 3G or WIFI on your wireless printer. It works in a perfect way. It is the app that works on both Mac and Windows. This app provides the high variety of the features for its user such as
  • Web page printing
  • Multiple contacts printing
  • Multiple image printing

This printing app for Android can work without the other printing software installed on your devices. But there is also the possibility for Wee print to install on your devices for the purpose of additional features and troubleshooting.

Printer Apps For Android

  1. ICan print WIFI is all in one because of containing the file browser and PDF converter. This printing app can do all of this things very perfectly. It can just print the image file and file type on your network printer, WIFI, and is very easy to use and setup. Its benefit is that it can print and save anything that makes it the excellent choice for all the printer Android apps. The one thing about it is that it is not best because it’s just a trial version. To get its full success, you have to upgrade it and when you did that you will get the great app for printing.

Printer Apps For Android

  1. Cloud printer connects yours with Google Chrome. And through google chrome, you can start printing directly your Android phones through Google app for printing. For the purpose of doing all these, you have to configure your computer/PC to work with that service, and you have to download the cloud print app to your Android phones. If you get the problems of installing them then no need of worry you can see the tutorial which is offered by Google for connecting your mobiles and computers. Cloud print can print the mail messages, text messages, and Gmail documents. Its allows you to print any document like
  • .txt
  • .odp
  • .xps
  • .ppt
  • .pdf
  • .doc,.doc x etc.

Printer Apps For Android

  1. PrintBot provides the offers to support more than 2800 models of the printer which were made by the different manufacturers like Canon, Lexmark’s, Samsung, Brother, Hp, and others like Air print devices. It offers the people to print the excellent quality of images and documents. Its full version gives the facility to print the unlimited number of papers. Its free version can only print three documents per month. The benefit of this app is that you have no need to do some configuration and install other software. You just have to do a scan for the wireless printer.

Printer Apps For Android

  1. Print share mobile printer is the printing app that is not easy to setup. To use this app, you should install special drivers on your computer after this you can easily setup this app. After this, you print the majority of Wi-Fi printers made by different manufacturer. It can print any documents like
  • .txt file from your SD card
  • Contact, messages
  • Printing images
  • .pdf
  • .ppt, doc etc.

Printer Apps For Android

These Printer Apps For Android are useful for those people who works in some organization and those who have their own business. They just get rid of the printing through USB now they can easily print any document when they want.

Printer Apps For Android user-friendly interface makes it the best printing app. There are also the advantages and disadvantages of these apps. Their advantages are as some of them provide the greater compatibility. There is no need of computers in the premium version as well as pdf files are for better printing. Their disadvantages are that some of these just offers not a good experience of the free version. Some apps just of the color printing options and their free trial version do not work properly.

I am telling the own experience about print bot app. its free version gives the benefit of printing three images and documents in one also provides the feature of auto search. But its demo version contains the limited version so all of you should select with according to their performance.