Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps You Must Try

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps

before we start Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps , we musThanks to the internet of things that makes the world close to a single point where any household object can be controlled by a single device. There are a lot of apps that can help you to turn your android smartphone into a remote control. This remote control may be feasible for your television, personal computer and many other devices.
It is very easy to control the android phone from another android mobile. Most android users are always in keeping to find out the way for controlling the android phone from another. While downloading or installing an app, some people miss the awesome and cool android apps, which can help them to customize the android device. Furthermore with an android phone, one can easily control android from another android phone. Remote control Android devices created by Samsung, HTC and Dell support
with other Android devices.

Once the remote control app starts, the user can control the android device or can access the device screen. To resolve the issue, he can chat with the end user, transfer files, kill processes, uninstall apps.

There are many android applications that are useful for remote control access. Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps of the following are given below.
1. Team Viewer:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
This is in Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps is Many people are familiar with this app as it is very famous and best control is used to access the PC from another PC.
Same as it has an android version that is used to access android mobile devices. Actually, the user interface of this application is very strong and cool. This app just required password and user id of another android device.

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
It is same as team viewer. It allows controlling android phones. This application accesses another android device in the beta state. It means that it has some bugs in its application. So there are chances that someone may not feel comfortable with this app.

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
This is also very best application. It controls android from android. It can easily remove the problems of another android device.This is very helpful in a team discussion.
4. VNC Viewer:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
Android VNC is the best to control app. It provides unlimited access to other android devices. It also has many other features. Some of them are save connection information, export and import android features, and mouse and keyboard control.

5.Screen Share:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
Screen Share can connect two devices at a time. One may be a tablet and other is an android phone. It helps in sharing files like music, videos, photos and documents from the smartphone to the tablet. It is available free of charges and helps in sharing files.
6. MYSMS SMS Text Messaging:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
SMS and Call on PC, Mac or Tablet from the android phone has become very easy and simple. This application is helpful in making calls and chats from PC to android easily.
7. Android TV Remote:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
The Android TV Remote serves as universal remote for the android television. This app also helps for voice controls, as well as the use of your phone as input text. This application connects to your android television through the way of the local network or through Bluetooth.
8. Peel Smart Remote:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
The Peel Smart Remote app tries to do one better thing as compared to television remote app. Input your channels to bring up a list of upcoming broadcasts and mark your favorite shows. The app learns from your selections, creating suggestions and reminders for upcoming shows.
9. IR Universal Remote:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
IR Universal remote turns IR blaster smartphone is in the form of a universal remote for a variety of devices like TVs, DVD players, and air conditioners.
10. ASMART Remote IR:

Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps
It is at last of Top 10 Android Remote Control Apps is designed to work with Samsung phones, projectors, cameras and other devices that accept IR command. IR means Infrared rays. Signals between a remote and the device are controlled by the pulses of infrared rays.
It is an extremely powerful and configurable smart remote application that supports a wide variety of remote control systems, This application is more than a remote for your home entertainment system, it can even be arranged for a variety of home automation tasks.
Here is a simple method for setting up the remote control application.
1. Download and install any remote app on your phone or tablet.
1. Make sure that your phone must be on the same wifi network as your other android device.
2. Open the android remote control app on your phone or tablet.
3. On the television screen, you will see a PIN. Enter that PIN on your mobile or tablet.
4. Then touch the pair and that’s it. You have done it.