Top 10 Android Lock Screen Apps You Should Try

Top 10 Android Lock Screen Apps


In this article, we will tell you some of the Top 10 Android lock screen apps that you must try.But before that let us introduce some basic of Android.Google developed Android OS based on Linux Kernal for the use of smartphones. It provides the touch interface. Android is the most used OS in the worldwide. What makes Android the most used OS? The answer to this question is because it provides its users to customize their smartphones according to their choice.Users can install launchers, themes, lock screens apps of their wish.Google play store offers Hundreds of application, by using them you can customize the look of your Android phone.The screen lock of your Android phone is not only used to lock your screen, but it is also used as a navigation screen through which you go to your favorite apps.There are built-in (default) lock screens like slide to unlock, pattern, pin, password, etc.But if you get bored with the default lock screen, you can install lock screen apps for fun and more functionality.We will tell you the Top 10 Android Lock Screen Apps.

But before talking about Top 10 Android lock screen apps, you should know about lock screen?

What is a lock screen?

The first screen is the lock screen that you see when you switch on your smartphone.It is a screen used in Android smartphones to secure the access to the user’s apps.By performing certain actions like making a pattern, by swiping, entering password or pin, the user gets access to the home screen.The lock screen also provides more functionality to access applications like call, camera, WhatsApp, etc.It also displays notification about events.For people who got bored of the default lock screen here, we have a list of Top 10 Android Lock Screen Apps.

Top 10 Android lock screen apps

1.Go Locker:

It is comfortable, and suitable lock screen app.It is the most used and popular app as it has 100 million downloads on different devices.It provides a broad range of themes than any other lock screen app. It offers different ways to unlock your screen. The lock screen provides access to many apps of your choice and the ability to read messages on the lock screen.The toggle for Bluetooth and mobile data is also an excellent thing. It has both free and paid versions.the paid version is for $14.99, which is costly but once you have decided to buy this, then you got all the paid themes of Go locker.

2.Hi Locker-Your Lock screen:

It is one of the best lock screen apps for Android phones. It is easy to use, customize and configure.They developers pay attention to the problems faced by the users and try to bring updates.It provides the interface of holding and swapping to one of your favorite apps to open it quickly.

Hi locker features are:

  1. The app provides the function of setting up a pattern or pin.There is also a manner in which while drawing the pattern the lines are not visible.
  2. This lock screen app displays the events, weather, notifications, the calendar of maximum next fifteen days.
  3. The hi locker has three styles ‘Lollipop’,’classis’,’IOS’.
  4. The wallpaper effect can be used to set a background wallpaper for the android lock screen.
  5. It also provides the feature which shows the available password whenever the wifi is detected.
  6. It also shows greetings, different fonts and changing wallpapers.
Top 10 Android Lock Screen Apps You Must try

3.ZUI Locker-Elegant Lock screen:

It is the most elegant lock screen apps as it has five-star reviews on Google play store.The best about this is that you can customize your screen the way you want.

ZUI Locker Features are:

1)It is the best material design locker.

2)There is a control panel.You just swipe up from the bottom of your screen, and many of your used apps are there to take control of them.

3)You can on/off wifi, Bluetooth, flight mode, can control brightness, the best thing is you can on/off your flashlight.

4)It has HD and beautiful graphics that is pleasing to use.

5)It provides HD mobile wallpapers with auto updates.

6)This app tool has different and varied themes. With the use of layout, you can make your screen splendid.

7)This tools also provide gravity sensor function.

Top 10 android lock screen appss you must try.

4.Echo Notification Lock Screen:

Echo Notification is best for android device.It provides beautiful and fastest notifications.

Echo notification features are:

1)It allows you to control the music players without unlocking the screen.

2)The best feature is Instant notification system which allows getting the fastest information, so you get notified.

3)This tools use less battery and have an excellent design.

4)You can make categories of your notifications like social, work, media. And you can also snooze your notifications.

5)It provides PIN or password, pattern security.

5.Snap Lock Smart Lock Screen:

It is one of the fresh and excellent lock screen app for the Android phones.This app lock screen app is clean, impressive and straightforward.

Snap Locker Features are:

1)In this app, home screen displays the notifications quickly.

2)Side Panel is used for displaying the particular information and searching.

3)It offers iPhone style keypad.

4)The user can easily lock his device by using the PIN code or by Android style Pattern lock.

5)Weather forecasts, plan events from the calendar and apps shortcuts are best of this android app screen lock.


If you want simplest lock screen for your phone, then AcDisplay is here for you.If you like simple, clean, and no notification on your screen, then you must try AcDisplay.

AcDisplay Features are:

1)It shows a simple flat black ground with time and date only.

2)Notifications are displayed in the form of app icon only.

3)Hold on the icon to go to that app for the detailed information.

4)AcDisplay uses your phone senor’s to detect that while your phone is your pocket or in your use.

5)The negative point is that it only works when you have opened the app.From the lock screen, it does not work.

6) It also does not provide PIN or password security, to unlock your phone just swipe up from the bottom of your screen.

7)To uninstall AcDisplay first, you have to deactivate this from your setting.

7.Locker Master:

It has many lock screens and unique unlocking methods.As a summary, it provides unlimited possibilities of customization.

Locker Master Features are:

1)Using DIY editor user can quickly create personalized and beautiful themes.

2)It has a broad range of clock designs and decoration.

3)It also has a feature to show missed calls and unread messages.

4)This Locker Master can support 2k+ resolution wallpapers and themes.

5)It provides customization to the fonts, wallpapers, layout, etc.

6)Text, time, battery percentage can be added to the lock screen.

7)The user can control color and look of each widget.

8.CM Locker:

It is one of the best lock screen apps available on the Google play store.It has a slide to unlock just like iPhone

CM Locker features are:

1)The user can choose either pattern or PIN security.

2)The best feature is Intruder Selfie if someone without your permission tries to unlock your phone and put the wrong password then intruder selfie using the front camera caught the selfie of that person.

3)Power saver cleans the unnecessary apps and boosts the phone up to 30%.

4)Notification remainder is used for quick access to notifications, and the private mode is used to hide the content that you do not like.

5)Flashlight, Calculator, and recent apps could be quickly accessed by using handy toolbox feature.

6)It allows the user to control the music player, check the weather forecast and view recent messages.


The idea is fun, getting connected to your friends.You can get the best result if your friends are also using this app.LokLok allows you to draw on your whole lock screen and send these drawing to your buddies.Your picture will appear on your friend’s lock screen. In return, they can send you the same drawing with some editing or another image from their cell phone.It provides a lot of fun.It is best if you want to share information quickly.It does not provide a PIN security, so it is not useful for safety purpose.

10.L Locker:

It is most polished and highly customizable.It is for the users who want to use android lollipop 5 but having an old version.

L Locker Features are:

1)For security purpose, it supports PIN or pattern.

2)Lollipop visual, Lollipop style locker.

3)The quick control panel is used to launch your favorite apps, the camera quickly.

4)It supports kit kat style locker, Android L style notification, and transparent status bar.

These Top 10 Android Lock Screen Apps are free and you can download these from play store to your android phone and enjoy.Some of the features of these apps are paid.when you are satisfied with the lock screen app of your choice then go for paid features.These apps are just awesome and wonderful.Download and Enjoy.