The Top 10 Android Features You Must Try

Top 10 Android Features

Top 10 Android Features

Android has many features, but here we will discuss top 10 Android features. These features are user-friendly for ordinary users. Due to these features, Android is going faster in our daily life. If you know about all of these functions you can easily use an Android technologiesTop 10 Android Features are:

Top 10 Android Features

  • Multi-Tasking
  • Data Sharing
  • Recovery Options
  • Screen Shot Accessibility
  • Synchronization
  • Web browsing
  • Widgets
  • Customize Home Screen
  • Supported Finger Print
  • Comparison
  • Multi-Tasking

Multi-Tasking is the process of performing multiple actions. In Android, we can perform many operations at the same time. You can perform cut, copy, paste of files. And can play games and listening songs at the same time. Whereas in old technology like Symbian you cannot perform multiple actions at the same time. In Symbian, only one operation can do one time.SO therefor Android going faster and get success in all over the world

Data Sharing:

Android provide the facility of data sharing. You can share your information files and all type of media through connectivity devices like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Infrared devices

Recovery Option:

Recovery is also an important feature of Android. Sometime you lost your mobile data due to some reason. But if you are using Android you can easily recover it by recovery software

Screen Shot Accessibility:

This is also an important feature. The process of taking a snap of your mobile screen. You can take Screen-Shot by pressing Volume Down and Power button together. There is no program to take a screenshot directly.

Top 10 Android Features


These technologies are used for integration of data between two or more than two devices. It is performed my putting your email address in mobile. Then check the synchronization option you’re all data is shared on your email. So whenever you want to recover your data just put email address and get back your data

Web browsing:

It enables to save Web pages by the Internet or by connecting to different sites to get information. The web browser enables you to follow hyperlinks. One other feature of a browser is to find the required information on the current page. It is easy to use and easy to interface with browsers.

Top 10 Android features

Wireless Transmission:

Android provide you to perform wireless transmission. Wi-fi, Bluetooth, and Inferred are used for this purpose. You can share all of your data by wireless communication media


Widgets allow you to display feature you choose. You can include on your home screen different weather, music or productivity widgets that help you to remind of updated information.

Customize Home Screens:

In Android, you can manage your home screen according to your requirements.The App that you are used on a daily basis can place on your home screen. Can easily access it with one click

Supported Finger Print:

The important function of the fingerprint is to save our smartphone from unauthorized success. You can protect your data from another user. This feature of the smartphone is vital as because you can keep and protect your data.


Android provides us many features as compared to Symbian. Therefore Android overcomes the usability and marketing of Symbian. These top 10 Android features make it different from IOS.