Ringtones for Android Phones

Ringtones for Android Phones

Ringtones for Android Phones!

Do you have latest Ringtones for Android Phones? If not, then what you are waiting for? These days, ringtones are very popular among smartphone users. When you got a new phone, you customize it according to your choice like:
• Changing Wallpaper.
• Bought a back cover that you like.
• Managing Home Screen.
• Icon settings.
• Change Default Applications.
• Setting up Wi-Fi Connection etc.
Then your phone rings. What is this? Don’t you have changed the ringtone? There are some ringtones available. Now it is a time to make your phone not only looks like yours. But also it must sound like yours.

Ringtones for Android Phones

Setting ringtones for android phone is very easy. There are different ways of creating a ringtone like:
• On the desktop to phone’s ringtone folder
• On the web to phone’s ringtone folder
• Directly from the Phone.
And when you select the desired ringtone, drop it into the correct folder.
Here are some methods to set your customized ringtone.
By using MP3 cut online: It is the easiest way of getting a tune. If you don’t like to download different software for this purpose, you can cut audio online. In this method, you have to.
• Upload an audio file from your computer (or drop box).
• Cut the desired part of sound with the help of sliders.
• Choose suitable file format (MP3 is recommended).
• Click on the “Cut” button.
• A download link will appear.
• Download a ringtone.
• Set as your caller ringtone.
By using the audio editor on the computer: This is another method. A bit confusing. Download any good audio editor on your computer and install it. Then again almost similar steps as above:
• Import an audio file from the computer.
• Select the part that you want to remove.
• Cut the selected part.
• Now save this file as MP3.
• Set this as your phone’s ringtone.
By using ringtone maker on your phone: You have no need to running towards your computer for easy tasks. You can make ringtones on your phone as well. Just install any app on your phone. When you open the app, it detects all the audios. Then you will have to do following steps.
• Select edit from audio options.
• Select those parts you would like to set as a ringtone.
• After selection hit the save button.
• Save as dialog will open.
• Specify it as an alarm, reminder or ringtone.
When the file is saved, now it can be used. You can make it
• Default Ringtone.
• Assign to any particular contact.
• Set as alarm ringtone.
• Reminder alert tone.
• Notification sound etc.

Ringtones for Android Phones
Ringtones for Android Phones is an innovative option.This is, how ringtones are used on Android phones. When everything on your phone is customized. Then why not ringtones? Make decent and attractive tones make your phone sound like yours.