Why QI Wireless Charging is Best for Your Phone

QI Wireless Charging

QI Wireless Charging

QI wireless charging is the new trending technology. This wireless fast charging is available in latest phones. This charging is for the phones that are wireless charging compatible. This new technology has eliminated the use of wires or cords. Devices can be charged by placing them close to the wireless power transmitter. The principle on which it is working is:
• Faraday’s law of induced voltage.
This principle is commonly used in
• Transformers
• Motors etc.
It is portable; you can place it anywhere. And enjoy charging your phone without wires.

QI Wireless Charging
These days, almost every device is wireless charging compatible. With time, this technology is becoming a primary need. People want to get rid of wires. This era is an era of cord-free devices. A device that can be moved easily anywhere without playing with wires.
Many devices can be charged through the wireless charger. A few are:
• Smart Phones
• Digital Cameras
• Tablets
• Wearables
• Portable Media Players
These devices need 2W to 15W power. Wireless charging can be done through Bluetooth. For example, two paired devices can charge each other when placed back to back.
Other accessories may include.
• Mice
• Keyboard
• Wireless Speakers
• Headsets
• Internet Cloud
To plug charging cables in tiny connectors of small devices is annoying. Like Bluetooth headset, it needs to be waterproof or sweat proof, to survive in a gym environment. Wireless charging is best for this type of problem.
Public Access Points for charging, in public places like.
• Airports
• Railway Stations
• Coffee shops
• Hotels etc.
QI wireless charging systems are the best charging solution. Deployment of these charging transmitters requires security. These charging systems support quick connection to the network. They can produce billable charging stations for public convenience.
Computer systems can take benefit from this wireless charging. Devices like.
• Laptops
• Desktops
• Palmtops
• Notebooks
• Tablet PCs
• Ultrabooks
These all can make use as either host or client.
These days, electric vehicles are also trending in markets. These vehicles also require charging. Wireless charging can help these vehicles to get charged. But these cars need higher powers. So developers are collecting ideas to make it possible and reliable for vehicles.
In the last few years, three major standards of wireless charging have emerged. Which are:
• Air fuel
• PMA (Power Matter Alliance)
• QI (Pronounced as chee)
These three works on the same principle that is Faraday’s law. This technology uses inductive coils for power transmission. But these standards work on different frequencies. Every rule gives unique benefits in technology. The meanings of “QI” are:
• Natural Energy
• Energy Flow
• Life Force

QI wireless charging
QI wireless charging can support a transfer of wireless power up to 5W over 5mm distance. It works over the frequency of 100 to 200 Kilo Hertz. Now the developers are thinking to increase this authority and range. For example, increased up to 15W and then 120 W over vast distances.
These advanced technologies are now the needs of today’s life. One cannot survive without these devices. These are useful and help us making our lives easier. The use QI wireless charging make our life reliable.