Printer app for Android you must try.

Printer apps for Android

Printer app for Android

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more common in use, everyone is using the smartphone, and tablets, etc. smartphones are comforting our lives. People perform all of their work on their phones. One device is enough to perform all of their work whether they are using social media or chatting or sending email etc. smartphones are the best time saver. When you are doing all of your work on your mobile so, you also want to print directly from your smartphone. Printing directly from your device will save your time and money.
If I say that finding a good printing app for your Android mobile phone is difficult, so it’s mean, I am a liar. There are many apps that will give you a better result and high-quality result. Printer app for Android is doing a really good job. If you want to print from your mobile and don’t know what to do so here you go. Have a look at these apps.

Printer app for Android

Famous printing apps:

• PrintShare Mobile Printer
• Cloud Print
• iCan Print Wifi
• Print Boot
• Print

PrintShare Mobile Printer

PrintShare is not so much easy Printer app for Android to set up; it requires the special driver to install on your computer. Once you have installed this app on your android device now, you can print vast majority of Wi-Fi printer from different manufacturers.These apps supports printing of:
• .pdf
• Printing images
• Text messages
• Contact
• .doc, .docx
• .Ppt, .pptx
• .xls, .xlsx
• Text files from your SD card.
These apps also support printing from Google Docs as well.

Cloud Print

First of all, connect your printer to Google Chrome and with the Google Cloud print. After this, you can start printing directly from your Android phone via Android printing apps . You have to configure your PC to work with this. Download Cloud Print on your Android smartphone. If you are confused how to start then, don’t worry there are tutorials available. These tutorials will explain how to connect your computer and smartphones to the printer.
Cloud Print app can print:
Text messages
Google docs
Mail messages
This app allows you to print any type of document:
.doc, .docx
.jpg, .jpeg
.xls, .xlsx

Ican print Wifi

Ican Print Wi-Fi is a printing app. It is also a PDF converter and file browser. This app can print any type file and image file to your Wi-Fi, network printer, and Bluetooth. This is an excellent choice for printing app for Android. Ican easily used and setup. This app has added the benefit of printing anything. The only fault about this App is that it has just a trial version. If you want a full-access, you need to upgrade it. After upgrading, you will have a great Android printing app.


PrintBot is also a printer app for Android. It offers a full support of printing from different manufacturers like HP, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, Brother, and Samsung. This app allows printing the unlimited number of the document. It provides the free version of printing 3 documents per month. It also allows you to print PDF documents with great quality. One positive thing about this app is that you don’t need to download an additional software on your computer for any special configuration. Just you have to scan for wireless printers and you have a clear way now.


This is a very simple Android printing app like its name. Its name is also explaining its work. This apps print document via Wi-Fi or 3G to your wireless printer. It competes for its task perfectly. This app also works perfectly on windows and mac. This Android printing app doesn’t need to install special software on your computer before you install this app. You can enjoy this app with a very little effort.