The Most Popular Android TV Apps You Must Try

Android TV Apps.

Android TV apps

Android TV apps are now essential for many people. These days, people want everything on their smartphones. Because of TV applications, you can enjoy TV anywhere out of your home. You can have your TV on your smartphone.
• New Blockbuster Movies
Multiplayer Games
• Live Sports Streaming
• Apps Streaming
Android TV gives you the world full of apps and games to your living room. You can watch any desired channels. It seems like TV channels are at user’s fingertips. A variety of applications is available on Google Play Store. You can install whatever you want to watch.

Android TV Apps
Some apps give you a single channel. Some apps provide a collection of channels in one application. A few popular Android TV apps are.
Android TV Apps

Netflix: Netflix It’s all about movies. Whenever a new movie released, it appears first of Netflix. Few apps seem naturally developed for Android TV. And Netflix is one of those few apps. Now with Netflix, it’s easy to know about upcoming releases. You can watch new movies immediately through this app.

Android TV Apps.

Hulu Plus: If you want to watch TV without using HD antenna or cable dish. Then you must try Hulu Plus for this purpose. It gives you that are on air on TV, within 24 hours. You will get your desired TV shows on your smartphones. Now there is no need to wait for a program to be on air on TV.

Android TV Apps.

Sling TV: When you want to watch a live TV, you can use Sling TV. Yes, it gives you reside TV streaming with high definition resolution. It includes some channels at one station. You can choose any channel you want to watch.

Android TV Apps.

Showtime: It’s all about showtime. Whatever is on air live on Showtime, you can watch it. Moreover, users can access specific episodes of particular seasons of original Showtime. By downloading this app, the user gets 30-days free trial.
Android TV Apps.Twitch Android TV: You can use this app in offline mode. By using this app, users can watch the games they like. They can also interact with the players they follow. This app includes the following features.
• Top Games (Recorded or Live videos)
• EA sports events
• Players interviews
• Interactive shows
• Featured chat
• Developer views
Android TV Apps.CBS all Access: You cannot reliably watch your local CBS broadcast in high definition through the antenna. With this app, you can enjoy up to 6000 episodes of CBS shows on demand. Moreover, new episodes of current shows are also available after one day of on-air on TV.
HBO Go: It is a very useful app. This app requires that user must register to HBO. Users can subscribe through participating TV providers. This app provides you all episodes and seasons of all original HBO series.
Android TV Apps.PBS Kids: Kids of modern age also use apps for their fun. Developers have introduced this app to entertain kids. This colorful app attracts preschool children. It is so simple that children can operate it themselves. App includes the animated movies like:
• Curious George
• Wild Kratts
• Simpsons
• Hero of the color city etc.

                            Android TV apps are the latest entertainment trend. It attracts a large number of people who are TV users. Many TV users now use Android TV apps for entertainment.