Download PicsArt Photo Studio for PC

PicsArt Photo Studio for PC

PicsArt Photo Studio for PC

PicsArt photo studio for PC is available now. It is a software that can perform multiple tasks. These tasks are:
• Collage Making
• Drawing
• Photo Editing
• Social Networking
This application allows user to:
• Take Pictures
• Edit Photos
• Draw with layers
• Make collages
• Share them on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
PicsArt Photo Studio needs a system that has:
• Operating System (Windows 8.1 or above)
• Architecture (x86, x64, ARM)
PicsArt yearly releases are:
• Launched for Android in 2011
• Launched for IOS in 2013
• Launched for PC in 2014

PicsArt Photo Studio

There were 35 million downloads during its first year of launch. On its Third anniversary, the app had:
• 175 million installs
• Monthly users were 50 million
• 18.5 million users on social network sites
In 2015, the app reached
• Monthly users (65 Million)
• Installs (250 Million)
In 2016, the figures increased up to:
• Monthly users (75 Million)
• Installs (300 Million)
Still, it is releasing new exciting features. That attract the users.
The app has the following tools and features:
Drawing Tools: This feature allows to draw digital illustrations. Layers are used in these designs. There are the variety of brushes available. These brushes can be customized.
Photo Editing: This feature includes some tools to edit a photo. Tools are:
• Clone Tool
• Adjustment Tool
• Stretch Tool
• Motion Tool
• Crop Tool
• Curves Tool
• Tilt Shift Tool
• Enhance Tool
These tools help users to create a fantastically edited photo. The app is useful because of a vast number of tools.
Collage Maker: Collage includes some photos combined. In collage making a user can use:
• Different Backgrounds
• Collage Frames
• Templates that can be customized
• Photo Frames
• Stickers
• Filters
• Effects
These days, photo editing apps are trending in a market. PicsArt photo studio for PC is one of them. People demand these applications. Everyone wants to apply filters and effects to their photos. Photo Studio apps are demanding applications these days. With the help of this app you can:
• Take a photo
• Edit in PicsArt
• Save to Gallery
• Or share with Friends