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Android emulator

Online Android emulator

Android emulator is the simple application that gives a real Android experience to those who don’t have any Android device and those who want to test Android apps before installing them on their smartphones. With these emulators, you can easily run any app, game which is only compatible with the android device. There are many emulators available. Most emulators are entirely free. You have to install them on your window, or Mac to access the operating system.

Android emulator
These Android emulator  is lightweight in browsers and run all of your application and games like on your Android smartphones. This emulator not only useful for the regular user but also for Android developers who are going to build a cross-platform app.
There are so many reasons why someone wants to run Android emulators on their smartphone. An app developer may be trying to test their application. Gamers may be want to use a mouse and keyboards on their games. Maybe you just want to check it? The process to add android emulator on your device is very simple. It requires some of the technical knowledge.
List of Famous Android emulators:
• Leapdroid
• manymo
• Andy
• Bluestacks
• Droid4x
• Genymotion
• MEmu
• Nox


Manymo is the best Android emulator. It is a browser-based tool that can load any app and games in 13 different screen resolution and eight different Android version in any browser. It offers a free account for limited features that is useful for personal use.


Leapdroid is an excellent option and one of the newer Android emulator out there.It utilizes a virtual machine to create an Android instant on your boots quickly, and it scores impressively well on gaming benchmarks.It supports for over 98% of apps and has an active development is free for use.


AMIDuOS is a relatively newer Android emulator for you PC. This emulator comes in two flavors: Lollipop and Jelly Bean. This emulator is not a free emulator. The price of this emulator based on the category of this emulator. Jelly Bean costs $10 While Lollipop costs $ is a smooth emulator. It runs your games quite well.


Bluestacks is a good option as an emulator for putting Android in your PC. They bring out the most needed updated in this platform. The result Bluestack 2 is a faster, more stable and overall better android emulator for support multitasking has a build in functionality for thing like shaking the screen and setting a location they didn’t have in the previous version. It is marketing especially to the is now working better than the previous version. It is still a good option for all type of users.


One next emulator is Droid4x. It is an interesting choice for an Android emulator on your PC. It runs the same way as Andy and AMIDuOS, and the performance is also the same. They have made many improvements in this emulator that what makes it more is better emulators for games as compared to Andy and AMIDuOD. But Andy and AMIDuOS are the bit better regarding stability and speed.