NOAA Weather Radar: A Reliable Weather Station

NOAA Weather Radar

NOAA Weather Radar

NOAA Weather Radar is an independent weather station. It displays radar images in high resolution. This app is very responsive and shows weather changes throughout the map. Radar images show recently happening
-Cloud movement
-Mixed condensation
NOAA Weather Radar can provide rain forecast precisely that might occur for the next 24 hours. Mostly its predictions are precise but often they are not, like all other estimates. It gives weather alerts. It provides various useful features. Some of them are as follows.
• Finding weather of a certain location is very easy. You search by name or just tap the particular area on the map, and you’ll get the forecast for this field.
• Set bookmarks. See the weather of your favorite places in no time.
• Get the local info from the nearest stations
• 24/7 weather forecast
• Minimum and maximum temperature
• Displays pressure, wind speed, and humidity
• Sunset and sunrise time
• Information on the upcoming rainstorm, hail, snow, etc
• Hurricane tracking
• Gives you following maps

NOAA Weather Radar
NOAA Weather Radar

Satellite images and fully detailed weather information is available worldwide. But radar images are only available in specific countries like Australia, Germany, and France, etc. Warnings and alerts are available only in the USA.


NOAA’s interface has a map of the whole world. A user can customize it as he desires. You can set it to display a 2D map, landscapes or a satellite view. You can set the units of measurements.
• Set pressure in inches, kPa, and mbar
• Celsius/Fahrenheit
• Miles or Kilometers
• Wind speed set in km/h, mph, m/s, knots
The NOAA Weather Radar app shows short-term and long-term weather changes for any location.
-Short-term (24-hour)
-Long-term (7-day)NOAA Weather Radar
Installation and update:

When you install, it asks for individual permissions. The app can update with time. You agree to the terms and conditions. NOAA Weather Radar may
• Make your device communicate with the servers to make services more flexible and efficient
• Affect the data related to app in your phone
• Collect personal information
Rendering of the app is beautiful. Its interface is easy to use. Android and iOS versions are different from each other but both work fair.