How to Secure an Android Phone


Secure an Android Phone

Secure an Android phone has become important in mobile computing. Security is the main concern in all aspects. Business and personal information are now stored on smartphones. Android phone are used as communication tool for organizing and planning user work and private life. The use of a phone for economic transition is increasing. Losing the mobile is worse than losing the wallets. Securing the data residing in mobile is of prime importance. Technology is causing changes in an information system, so it becomes the source of new risks. Moreover, smartphone get and compile sensitive information which access privacy, it must be controlled to protect the privacy of customers. All smartphones are preferred targets of hackers for attacks. They exploit weaknesses in phones that come from communication services like SMS, MMS, Internet, GSM, and Bluetooth. Lastly, there is malicious software that based on weak knowledge of users.So you should secure an android phone.

secure an android phone

There are some methods to secure an Android phone.

1. Secure Android: Lock Screen
Setting up a screen lock is the easiest way to protect Android when your phone falls into the wrong hands. These days you can set a pattern lock, PIN lock, password lock and, if your device supports it, an eye scanner lock or fingerprint. It’s so easy to do you have no excuse.
2. Secure Android: Lock individual apps
You can add an extra layer of protection by locking individual apps such as Facebook, gallery, messages, and contacts. Different apps are also available that hide your private images and video.
3. Secure Android: Keep the OS & apps up-to-date
Your operating system and apps should be up-to-date. It fixes the bugs and also patches security. You should confirm that auto-update apps are turned on from google play over Wi-Fi.

4. Secure Android: Don’t download apps outside from Google Play
Google play store is the built-in app in Android phones. You should download any app from here without trusting any other sources. Google has no control any other app outside its play store.

5. Secure Android: Manage app permissions
When you start downloading from play store, it tells you that app requires such permissions. Different apps need different permissions such as games want your contact info to compete with friends; messaging app access camera info to send pictures and videos and vault require gallery info to hide images. But if you think that an app does not need particular permission, do not install it.
5. Securing Your Network
One of the important thing in protecting your Android phone is to ensure your system. Try to avoid public network whenever you want to do something important like online banking transactions. When you are sharing the same network with the public, they can quickly uncover your packets and translate it into actual data of your private information i.e. your passwords

6. Secure Android: Be careful what information you share
Today’s too much information is sharing on social media which is also insecure. You are sharing too much info about yourself.

secure an android phone