Android Marshmallow Update for Note 4

Marshmallow Update for Note 4

Android 6.0 note 4

The latest update of android phone is 6.0 Marshmallow. Note 4 have this update on Verizon network only not any other company still updated its phone. AT&T and T-Mobile are looking to update Samsung Galaxy note 4 yet. Marshmallow Update for Note 4  is being considered as the major update. It provides the attractive interface and considered as the best update till now. Its also provide valuable features that make the smartphone more attractive and also give it an expensive look. Marshmallow update for Chinese phone still has time to come.

Marshmallow Update for Note 4

If we talk about the phone then it is clear that this smartphone also trying to provide best features. The key features are:
• 5.7 inches screen
• Multitouch
• Quad core CPU
• Corning Gorilla Glass 4
• 16 MP Rear camera
• Finger Print Sensor and much more

Marshmallow Update for Note 4

Now we will take a look on 6.0 update

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow )

The key features that Marshmallow has are as follows
• Now on Tap
• Android Storage
• Lock Screen
• App Drawer
• Quick Setting

Now on Tap

Marshmallow Update for Note 4
This is the biggest change that comes from the google.Even though it still like as it was before. The google is cleverer in this update as ever. In this update google focus on context basically

Android Storage

Marshmallow Update for Note 4
As android phone allows us to insert SD card but they always take this as the external entity. The 6.0 update does not take this as an external entity but treats it as internal memory. This will allow you use your card space without any concern

Lock Screen

Marshmallow Update for Note 4
Marshmallow updates the lollipop lock screen. As in lollipop at home screen, there was dialer and camera that take its bottom corner but marshmallow allows to google voice search which was not in the previous version

App Drawer

Marshmallow Update for Note 4
In this feature 6.0 update does some changing like it allow to move on a specific letter while a search for applications. The most frequently or foreseen applications appear in a special area.this will help to save time .

Quick Setting

Marshmallow Update for Note 4 also contain this update.This area displays the screen brightness slider also as ties with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data and much more. As in the previous version, these structures can either be toggled on or off with a tap.Marshmallow Update for Note 4

As we see that Marshmallow update trying to provide each and everything in their best ways. If we talk about note 4 as we discourse earlier that only Verizon version provide this update others are taking their decision.