Learn How to Play Jelly Splash Effectively

how to play jelly splash
jelly splash


Want to play Jelly Splash, but do not know how to play? Do not worry here you can learn how to play jelly splash. Jelly Splash is a puzzle game .it is a multi-colored game initially launched on IOS devices.But now it can be played on many devices and in many shapes.it is free to play.

The theme of the game is

“The longer the line, the more score you get.”

Learn How to Play Jelly Splash.

  • There are jellies of different colors. But you can connect the jellies of the same color.
  • You can connect three or more jellies in consecutive order, But be connecting less than three is not possible.
  • When you connect the jellies, their eyes got opened.
  • The aim of the game is to complete the level by achieving the target.
  • Some levels have a specified score a goal.
  • Every level has three-star rating score.
  • The user got the high score as he completes the level within the minimum moves.
  • There is a super jelly; that clears the last row/column that you touch.
  • The longer the line, the more super jellies you create.
  • Combine super jellies for a powerful effect.
  • Some levels have limited moves.
  • In some levels, the user has to remove the dark slime within the limited moves.
  • In other levels, free the captured jellies between black mushrooms.
  • If you fail to complete the level, then you had to start again and spent life.
how to play jelly splash
Learn how to play jelly splash.

I liked this game. It is the best game for kids.Try this game if you want to enjoy puzzle and this will improve your intelligence. I liked the sound, the design of the game.it is very flexible and easy to play.

Now you know How to Play Jelly Splash, so Download Jelly Splash to your device and Enjoy.