Latest Samsung Android Phones in Market

Samsung Android Phones

Samsung Android Phones

Samsung Android phones have a secure grip on the market. There is a large number of Samsung buyers in the market. It was first introduced in 1969 as Samsung Electric Industries. Samsung launched its first smartphone in 2009. And the first Android tablet was also initiated by Samsung. This company is one of the best smartphone businesses in the world. Later on, Phablet (phone + tablet) were released. Samsung introduced series of phones like:
• SAMSUNG Galaxy S(Super Smart) Series
• SAMSUNG Galaxy J(Joy) Series
• SAMSUNG Galaxy A(Alpha) Series
• SAMSUNG Galaxy Note Series
• SAMSUNG Galaxy Mega Series

Samsung Android Phones
The company has focused all types of people. High-cost smartphones for high class. Average design smartphones for the middle class. Low cost handsets for low-class people. These days number of Android users are increasing. So that demand of Android smartphones is also growing. Samsung Android phones and their features are:

Samsung Android Phones
                                                                                 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 Edge: The edge version or SAMSUNG is the best android phone in the world. With best features.
• 32GB/62GB Storage
• 3600mAh Battery
• 5.5 inches Screen Size
• Snapdragon 820 CPU
• 150.9*72.6*7.7 mm Dimensions
• 157 gram Weight
• Android Marshmallow OS
• 12 MP Rear Camera
• 5 MP Front Camera

Samsung Android Phones
                                                                                    Samsung Galaxy J7

SAMSUNG Galaxy J7: Galaxy J7 includes many new gestures. It is smooth and natural with following features.
• 16GB Storage
• 3300mAh Battery
• 5.5 inches Screen Size
• Octa-Core 1.6GHz CPU
• 151.7*76*7.8 mm Dimensions
• 170 gram Weight
• Android Marshmallow OS
• 5 MP Front Camera
• 13 MP Back Camera

Samsung Android Phones
                                                                              Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: It is recently launched in August 2016. It is beautifully designed with following features.
• 64 GB Storage
• 3500mAh Battery
• 5.7 Inches Screen Size
• 2.6 GHz Quad-Core CPU
• 153.5*73.9*7.9 mm Dimensions
• 169 gram Weight
• Android Marshmallow(Upgradeable to Android Nougat) OS
• 12 MP Rear Camera
• 5 MP Front Camera

Uses and Abuses

These days Samsung Galaxy s7 and s7 edge are most popular in the market. People are looking for new releases of Samsung. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is a dual SIM phone. It accepts two Nano-SIM. It is the recent release of Samsung Android Phones. It is launched in August 2016. It captured the significant market share.


It has many exciting features. Sensors on the phone includes:
• Ambient Light sensor
• Accelerometer sensor
• Proximity sensor
• Gyroscope etc.
Samsung provides Super AMOLED capacitive displays with the best quality. Due to its attractive features, Samsung is now leading company in the market. People wants to buy Samsung smartphones. These phones have good resale value.


With all best features, there are still some complaints. People reviews about Samsung Android phones describes its excellence. Contrary points of these phones includes:
• Phone Crash
• Overheat
• Network Issues (when a person move from one country to other)
• Battery issues
• Design Problems
Sometimes, while using the phone, it heats up. It is a wrong impression. A high-cost phone should not give this response. Other common disadvantages includes:
• Waste of time
• Effect on eyes(extraordinary use)
• Effect on ears(unusual use)
• Fewer people interaction

Above all these abuses, Android smartphones are very useful too. In many ways, these phones help us in our daily life. Through different applications, we can take advantage. We can use:
• Maps for directions
• Weather updates
• Calculator for large amount calculations
• Food apps for best diet plans
• Business apps for new market trends
• Games for game lovers
• Social media apps
• Notes
• Reminders
• Alarms
• News updates
• Sports updates

With all advantages and disadvantages, the conclusion is based on positive thoughts. Smartphones are now a part of everyday life. Without them, life will be difficult. With them life is comfortable. We can take advantages of many useful applications for Android. And Samsung Android phones enhances the joy of using smartphones. So, avoid negativities and enjoy the life with Samsung Android phones!