Is it Even Possible Hacking Android Phones?

Is it Even Possible to Hack Android Phone?

Hacking Android Phones

Nowadays the world is full of android phones. And almost everyone has smartphones. Everybody depends on their phones to carry out daily activities regarding their work etc. And it won’t be wrong if we say that Android phones become more important than laptops in our everyday life. Hacking Android Phones is becoming very popular. So, it is necessary that you should know about the ethical hacking tools which are available on your phone.

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It is pretty obvious sometimes you wish to get access to someone’s phone. Want to see their messages, multimedia files, delivery reports and more to know what that person is hiding from you.

Well here is good news if the victim has an Android phone then you can fulfill your desire. Because we are going to tell you simply ways of hacking the phone. All you need to do is install the relevant software from a trusted website. Do not install it from the third party.  Otherwise, it will corrupt your phone and steal the browsing history.


Before going to start the process, I’d like to make it sure that we don’t prompt to hack people’s phone. This article is written for the educational purpose. We won’t take responsibility of how reader utilizes it.

Some features of Android hacking:

  • Total Anonymity: victim will never know he/she is being hacked at any time
  • Complete access to mobile phone: you will get full access to his/her messages and file manager.
  • Get all the files: you will be able to download all the files from his phone to your computer
  • Work through the internet: there is no need of physical connection. All you need is a secure internet connection.


  • The hacker and the victim must be connected to the internet throughout the whole process
  • You need to know the country code of the mobile number and the mobile number itself.


You can use a tool called It’s an online based app. You can run it without downloading any software neither on your computer nor you mobile.  With this software, you can track target’s GPS location, text messages, whatsApp messages and even Facebook activities.

  • Download AndroidPhoneSniff tool
  • You can run the software or might need to activate it before making it fully functional.

Is it Even Possible Hacking Android Phones?

  • You can activate the product by going to help> activate product> and clicking the “get activation code” or enter the code if you already have.

Is it Even Possible Hacking Android Phones?

  • Now what you need to do is enter victim’s mobile number. Be sure that he/she is an android user

Is it Even Possible Hacking Android Phones?

  • Now click on the clarify button.  Wait until you are connected and the where the victim belongs is detected.

Is it Even Possible Hacking Android Phones?

  • And now by going to “report” section, you can browse files, you want to get and export them through export method.

Hacking Android Phones tool is for free and won’t cast you a single penny. But remember not to hurt anyone’s feelings, we severely condemned if someone uses it in the wrong direction.