How To Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile?



You are an Instagram user. You share your photos and videos..You Follow your friends and family members. And people also support you. How to know who views your Instagram profile?

When someone like, comment on your photos and videos then you come to know that they have viewed your profile. But if someone does not interact (like, comment) with your profile, then how to know who views your Instagram profile?. Instagram does no provide any feature to know who views your Instagram profile.But still, you are interested to know your viewership.Think of an app that shows your views on Instagram, but wait a second.Before installing an app like (who has viewed you on Instagram) or like this do not do crazy things. Do not install these apps. These apps have millions of downloads which show that many of us have become a fool. Apps like this are not secure and worthy. These all are spam. All these apps steal the user’s password.when you install the app (how viewed me on Instagram, instacare) and open it they said to log in to with your Instagram username and password. These apps claim to show the list of people who has viewed your profile, so the user login without any thought. User’s Instagram credentials are sent to the attacker’s server. The attackers use this information, later on, to post spam and add from the user’s account.Actually, there is no way to know who has viewed your Instagram profile.
How To Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile?
How To Know Who Views Your Instagram Profile?
How to secure your Account?

If you mistakenly installed these apps and became a victim then do not worry. Do the following things to protect you.

⦁    Uninstall these apps from your device.

⦁    Change the password of your Instagram.

⦁    Never install third-party apps that claim incredible offers that the real application does not provide.

⦁    And do at least two authentication factors.

If you search on “google play store” or IOS” for the query who viewed my Instagram profile, you will find many results (5 or 6 apps). But these all are not worthy and working. So do not install these apps to your device.