How to hide Apps on Android device you must try.

How to hide Apps on Android

How to hide Apps on Android

How to hide Apps on Android? let’s discover.A smartphone usually contain some sensitive information, from the personal email to account details. Some phones have become a vault for highly personal information. We don’t feel comfortable when someone is using our mobile. Sometimes embarrassment moment when our parents are checking our mobile LOL. Screen security is a good way to secure our mobile. Look screen prevents someone from getting on our phone. But if they know some trick to open the lock screen and they open your device and read something personal? So here is a problem for us. We must secure our data and other information.
There are a number of reasons why you want to hide apps on your mobile phone. Maybe you are sick of scrolling down pre-installed some app that you have never used. Or maybe you have installed an app that is embarrassing.
Do you worry about your secret apps falling into wrong hands? So don’t feel worried. There are many apps that will hide your apps from your mobile. If someone is checking your mobile so he will not be able to check your app because these will be hidden.

How to hide Apps on Android

How to Hiding Apps on Android with these apps:


AppLocker allows us to set the password and unlock patterns for a specific apps or area of your smartphone. This is a great way to secure your data. If you don’t want to lock your screen but want to keep your data safe.
After installing AppLocker on your smartphone you will find a list of all the apps in the AppLocker main menu. Here is your turn to decide which app you to want to protect via password and which should not.


This app is a very useful app. It has a flat design. Andrognito password protects your content and does it in a hidden way. this is best option to hide apps on android phone
You can use Andrognito app to hide your picture, videos and most important your’s apps and much more. Data which is hidden will never appear in the recent apps list.

Check if you can hide your apps without installing any other app:

Some of the manufacturers include the ability to hide apps as a part of their custom launchers. But this case is rare now. Some old devices like Samsung Galaxy devices came with the ability to hide apps, but this feature has been removed from the new devices.
You will need to install a custom launcher first to hide your apps.
These custom launcher apps can be used to hide your apps. It can also unhide apps again.

Find a launcher that allows you to hide apps:

we can not hide apps on android phone by default. In the case to hide apps, you will need to install a launcher to hide apps. The launcher is the app. This controls our device home screens and app drawer.
There are many launchers that can hide your apps. Some popular launchers are:

  • Apex Launcher
  • Nova Launcher Prime
  • Go Launcher
  • ADW launcher.

Install one of these famous Launchers and use them to hide an App that you don’t want to show anyone. This is the best way to keep your embarrassing apps hidden. After hiding your apps now you can feel free or relax that now even if someone takes your mobile they will not find your apps until you unhide them back.