Happy Wheels, The Best Android Game.!

Happy Wheels, The Best Android Game!

Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels  is a ragdoll physics-based game which is developed and published by “Fancy Force”. It is being issued in 2010 by Jim Bonacci who is the video game designer. The programmers of this game are Jim Bonacci and Alec Cove. The artist was also Jim Bonacci, and the composer was Jack Zankowski. The platforms of this game are the web browser, iOS, and Android. It was released on June 4, 2010, for iOS and August 19, 2015, Android.

It is a single player game. It has several player characters who use different vehicles. The game has many levels it is best known for graphics violence and user generated content.  You can choose whatever player you want. The mechanism of  this happy wheels game changes from player to player and the game level. Characters can also move out of their vehicles. The goal of the game changes at different levels. At one level your goal is to reach the finish line and at the next level you have to collect coins. The game includes graphic violence. Players can be shot or crushed by any obstacle the loss of the bone and blood are also visual elements.

Users are also allowed to upload the replay of their level attempts and view them. This game also offers the user to create and custom their levels. They can also build their maps and upload them to the public server where they are accessible. They can also customize the game according to their own desires.

Happy Wheels

The developer of the game Bocci said that he started working on the game on 2006. He got inspiration from other ragdoll physics based games. He thought to make a small game but eventually it became the primary focus. The full version of the game is only available on Banocci’s original website. The demo features are licensed on other website but they only include featured maps and select characters. There is around 5 million user generated levels. The total count of level plays is almost 8 million. First, it was only a web browser game but after few years it became also available on App store and Play store.

This game got 3.5 rating on the web, 4.5 rating on the Appstore and 3.1 rating on Play store. There are positive reviews about this game. It is recommended by the “GameSetWatch”. Happy wheels are considered as one of the best free games by IGN. The user creates the content. Its different levels are also praised by the reviewers. The nature of violence is also humorous. According to reviews, happy wheels game is a laughing stuff that how your character torn into pieces.

Well according to our point of view it is a funny game. But kids should avoid playing this because of violence. Adults can enjoy this happy wheels game because it contains a lot of humour.