Google Play Store For Android Devices

Google Play Store For Android Devices
Google Play Store

Google Play Store

Google play store for android devices in the market. It is operated by google. Google play created from three distant products: android market, google eBook store and google music. On October 22, 2008, it was developed. On February 13, 2009, paid apps were introduced. In December 2010, content filtering was introduced to the android market. In February 2011, google added a feature of the web client that provides access to it via PC. Apps requested from store web page are downloaded and install on the certified android phone. In May 2011, google added some new apps to play store, including “editor recommendations”, “Trending” apps, “Top Grossing” apps and “Top Developers”. In November 2011, google introduced music store to the market. In March 2012, the maximum size of APK file was also increased from 50 MB to approx. 4 GB. On April 4, 2016, android official blog released, including play games, play movies & TV, play books, play music and play newsstand. Google play store has attained 1.43 million applications and over 50 billion downloads.

Google play store is an official app store of android operating system. It allows users to browse and download applications. Different categories of applications are available such as education, finance, communication, entertainment, games, health, lifestyle, medical, personalization, news, shopping, photography, weather, social and much more. Apps are either are free of charge or at a cost. They can be directly downloaded to an android. It is a built-in app for android phone. It is not open source. Only android devices that agree with google compatibility requirements may access these apps. It can also filter the list of applications that are compatible with user’s device.

The services under google play are: play music, play books, play games, play movies & TV and play newsstand.


Google play music is an online music streaming service. The user can store their music online up to 50k songs at no cost. The user can also listen to songs through a mobile app or service’s web player. Songs can also download for offline play. With the help of registered account, the user can enjoy these services.

Google Play Store For Android Devices
Google Play Music


Google playbook is formally called google eBooks. The user can buy and download over 5000k books using this app. According to google, it is the world’s largest eBook store. The user can upload over 1k books to cloud storage account of google play book.

Google Play Store For Android Devices
Google Play Books App


Google play games offer online gaming services. It provides multiplayer gaming capability. It is the leading competitor public and the social app.

Google Play Store For Android Devices
Google Paly Games

Movies and TV:

Google play movies and TV is an online video streaming. It contains thousands of TV programs and movies in HD quality. Videos can be about documentary, comedy, movies, TV shows, cartoons, and animations.

Google Play Store For Android Devices
Google Play Movies And TV


Google combine google play magazines and google current into a single app, so called google play newsstand. It provides services of web feed and magazines.

Google Play Store For Android Devices
Google Play Newsstand

Google play store is world famous app. In the market, there is no competitor with this app. Because of it a single app for android market. Developers are adding different apps on daily basis.