Dragon Ball Heroes: A Sophisticated Arcade Game

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes

Dragon Ball Heroes is a Japanese video game. Created by Dimps and released on November11, 2010. Animation known as Dragon Ball is the inspiration for this game. And it includes characters from the animation.


The trailer shows the game features a boy running through the video arcade to cover a map of Capsule Corporation. Then he is teleported into the game. He becomes clueless to see his appearance changed. Shortly he is surprised to see Goku and Trunk plus other two characters. All of them fight Cell and Junior Cell together. Later they will be able to achieve Kame Hame Ha.

Dragon Ball Heroes
Dragon Ball Heroes


Dragon Ball Heroes includes the main protagonists from the animation plus many others. Some of the names are as flows.
•  Yamcha
•  Son Goku
•  Gohan
•  Piccolo
•  Krillin
•  Mr. Satan
•  Yamu
•  Majin Boo
•  Saibaiman


The game starts with the God Missions. Dragon Ball Heroes then perform story lines. The major two story arcs are
• Dark Demon Realm Saga
• Assault on the Hell Gate Saga


Dragon Ball Heroes has the turning cards battle system in usually five rounds. Each character has only one health bar for five in five fights. Cards allow the character to
•  Kamehameha
•  Fuse
•  Transform itself
•  Make energy balls to throw
•  Make their special attacks powerful
•  Change the mindset of the opponent
•  Can take help from an avatar
•  To take a clear aim

In Dragon Ball Heroes, each character possesses its abilities and powers. On the machine’s gaming screen, place five cards at a time. Moving the cards give to advantages over the opposite player. Players try to protect their characters from as much damage as possible. The characters in front of the battlefield suffer attacks. The characters in the back stay out of severe damage. It is because they face little amount of attacks. The player has to press the buttons of the machine at the right time. The goal is to fill up the time meter gauge more than the opponent. It gets the player advantages and makes powerful attacks.

Transformation increases the power of the character. The opponent also usually transforms automatically. The characters are not changed with cards, though.
This game will prove to be entertaining for Dragon Ball Z fans. It has great animation. So if you are a hardcore Dragon Ball fan, this game is worth giving a shot.