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Android TV Sticks

Android TV Sticks

First of all, we should know what Android TV sticks are? Android TV stick is a mini computer with the Android operating system. By using this person can quickly view the android games, HD movies and surfing the internet. The people can also chat through video calls by using Skype e.g. webcam. By using Android TV stick the people can do several things like
i. Internet
ii. Presentations
iii. Twitter
iv. Facebook
v. WhatsApp
vi. YouTube
vii. Gaming
viii. Skype etc
Usually, the Android sticks are not bigger in comparison to USB stick. People can connect their Android TV Sticks to the LCD or LED and convert them to Smart television and fulfill their dreams. Because of Android TV stick or Android operating system, they turn them into the smart TV.

Some Android sticks are similar to Apple TV box, and some of them are better than Apple TV box. The advantage of is that there are many free apps available on it which can be download through google play store. The Android TV Sticks with the Quad-Core processors is as follows
2GB DDR3 RAM, Stick Smart TV, Tronsmart MK908II Quad core, 8GB Nand Flash Android 4.2 Android TV Stick

Android TV sticks have several ports. Port for the purpose of a plugin to HDTV, USB port for input devices as well as the harbor for power. Some of them contain Bluetooth for the purpose of connecting the additional peripheral devices.

Android TV Sticks
There are many Android TV Sticks some of them are as follows
1. UG007
2. Minix Neo G4
3. Mini MK 802
4. Tronsmart CX-919
5. Hiapad Hi-802
The best Android TV sticks are as follows
 RKM V5
 Ugoos UM2
 Guleek A8
1. RKM V5 use one of the newest chipsets like RK3288 and contains quad core CPU is a very compact device using all the ports usually use for has the feature of hardware decoding H.265. H.625 provides the compression technology for HD videos. RKM V5 supports all of the pictures videos etc.

Android TV Sticks
2. Ugoos UM2 is the runner-up Android TV Stick. It is the older model.It depends on the platform of Rock Chip RK3188. It also has its flaws such that it cannot play the 4k video.

Android TV Sticks
3. Guleek A8 is tiny. It is similar to USB drive in the larger size and similar to PC in short size. It also has the feature that supports the 4k has the antenna that supports the performance of wi-fi.

Android TV Sticks

 Android TV stick does not depend on internet connection. They can run the locally stored images and videos.
 Android TV sticks can be expanded quickly and then people can add the storage through hard drive or SD card.
Android TV Sticks are the much of the niche market for the people. These Android sticks are mostly made by no name brands and require the technical knowledge for the connection of peripheral devices.
The Android TV Sticks also have the advantages and disadvantages. Here the advantage is that the people can get the fully Android experience on their TV. You can easily download games like FIFA 14 or Final Fantasy IV as well as apps like Hulu Plus or Chrome etc.
The disadvantage is that there are not major brands at Android stick market. You cannot buy LG or Samsung Android stick soon. According to my point of view if you are using the limited internet connection then use the Android TV stick for better qualities and specifications.