The Best Social Apps For Android Users

Social Apps

Social Apps

Social apps allow people, companies, and other organizations to create, share, or exchange information. This information can be career interests, ideas, and pictures or videos. We all use social media. Well, maybe not everyone. But at least a vast of the population does. Most of us use social apps to stay connected with their relatives and friends. We use social apps because of some reasons which are below:
1- To stay in touch
2- To stay up to date with news
3- To share our opinions
4- To spend spare time
5- To meet new people
6- General Networking
7- To share photos & videos with others
8- To share details to our daily life routines

There are 40% of social media users are on them. The reason is that their friends were there. There is a huge number of social apps in Google Play Store. Here are the top 5 ranked social around the world:

1- Facebook

It has been the biggest social media site for years now. Facebook for Android is a lovely experience. You can check your wall, browse your friends, and update your status and much more. Facebook is a great app to stay in touch with friends. It doesn’t matter where they are. Its ranking is 4.0 stars whereas some downloads are much more than 46M.
Facebook Messenger is a free app which is just Facebook’s message function. It sends notifications in real time. You don’t have to go to Facebook. You can enable group chats and Facebook’s seen feature. With this feature, your friends know that you have seen his messages. It also has 3.9 ranking with 29M+ downloads.

Social Apps

2- Twitter

The official Twitter app has continued to get better. You are allowed to post only short status updates. These updates are usually under 140 characters. There is news in the air about Twitter that it has been known to spoil TV shows for some people. Its ranking is 4.2 whereas the number of downloads has increased from 7.9M.

Social Apps

3- Instagram

There are 19 filters in this app for your apps. It applies to your photos. It takes shot from a free app or also pulls in an existing folder from Camera Roll. It also has an Explore feature. With this, you can search favorite photos in real-time. It is an easy way to capture and share the world’s beautiful moments. Also, you can follow your friends. Its ranking is 4.5 stars. Whereas a number of downloads are much more than 35M.

Social Apps

4- WhatsApp

WhatsApp lets you share images, videos, audio messages and much more. You can also save your messages and media on your Android. Its license agreement requires above 15 years old. The most interesting feature is location sharing. Your friends can share your location. WhatsApp Messenger is neither for learning nor educational purposes. Its ranking is 4.4 stars. Its number of downloads are much more than 41.5M.

Social Apps

5- Snapchat

Snapchat has quickly become everyone’s favorite app. It is slightly different from other social apps. For example, you take a snap and send it to someone. But a limited time that person has to see before it disappears. Limited time is almost under 10 seconds. If your friend takes a screenshot, you will be notified. Its ranking is 3.9 whereas a number of downloads are above 7.9M.

Social Apps