Best Cheap Android Phone You May buy

Cheap Android Phones

Cheap Android Phone

If you desire for budgeted Android phone or cheap Android phone, then you are at right place. There was once a time when only people which are considered to be rich can only afford Smartphone’s, or others need to pay segments for the smartphone’s if they want one. But now fear not, this has changed although the high-end market is better than ever before, but also there is a fact that companies also manufactured good android phones within budget. This is also because now competition among companies (Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei) is very high. These companies are trying to provide quality features at low cost. In this article, you will know about some android phone which an average person can afford.

Best Cheap Android Phone

The one who buy a phone he always expects to have a quality features the especially camera, display, and processing power. As for the expensive models they have a display of 1080p or 720p screens some budgeted phone even though don’t provide that, but many companies provide this display. These phone does not offer good processor as Samsung s7 edge, but it also allows to play games. Fatefully, cheap smartphones have same play store as the expensive phone so you can download as many application that your hardware can handle.But if you want too many applications or games for a phone then make sure you bought a phone with microSD card slot because many cheap phone have this slot. Before, It was not possible to have a smartphone which is less than$150, but now it is possible to buy a good phone that provides valuable features. Here are some phone that we gather for you which are less than $150, and they provide excellent features without spending too much money.
Moto G:

b est Cheap Android Phone
• $149
• 4rth Generation
• 2 GB RAM
• 1.5 GHz Processor
• 1080p display

Xolo Era 4k

Best Cheap Android Phone

• $144
• 8.0Mp Front Camera
• 5.0 inches screen
• 1 GHz Processor

Micromax Yu Yunique

Best Cheap Android Phone

• $111
• 8.0MP Front Camera
• 1 GB RAM
• 4.7 inches screen
Samsung SCH-i545
• $115
• 2.0MP Camera
• 5 inches

What Should I Know?
While buying a phone, you must know about all its features. Here are some important things about cell phone which always keep in mind while buying Budgeted smartphone.

Don’t even try purchase a phone which has less than 1GB RAM because it will crash your applications and performance of your phone will be slow.Some cheap smartphone also have the same processor as of the expensive smartphone. E.g., Motorola Moto E has same Snapdragon 410 CPU and many smartphones which are much Expensive have same chip

Try to buy a phone which has storage at least 8GB because the high internal storage it has it will able to install application and games as many games take more room to provide an interactive interface.

This is also an important feature that will always keep in mind while want to buy a smartphone. This is the good point that mostly cheap smartphone has display which consumes less power

The problem is that mostly Cheap smartphone does not provide the good display as of 1080p, but now companies are manufacturing such phones that offer HD display in low price.After reading this I hope you can choose a best cheap android phone for yourself.