Best Camera Applications For Android

Best Camera Applications for Android

Android camera apps

Cameras on the mobile phone have become a necessary thing. Companies are making their cameras more reliable, work better in low light and adding more features that people want. Many users submit their purchases by seeing the quality of the camera. They the look for camera quality before making any purchase. We have experienced that many apps have the potential to improve functionalities of the you will get best camera applications for Android.

Best Camera Applications

Below is a complete list of best camera applications for Android.These apps help to take excellent pictures. You can also edit your images, improve image quality, insert beautiful effects, add blur effects, etc.

  1. BestMe Selfie Camera (price: Free)

Best Android Camera Application

BestMe Selfie Camera is a free camera application especially for those people who love to take selfies. It has specially designed camera application best editor for selfies. It has the following key features.It has 125 real-time filters, mirror real time filter, filter grid real time filter and hallo real-time filter.

  • It has 125 real-time filters, mirror real time filter, filter grid real time filter and hallo real-time filter.
  • It has the best real-time collage.
  •  It has Emoji support along with vignettes.
  • It provides blur effect.
  • Selfie stick support.

BestMe Selfie Camera is an active app. This is a blessing for those people who share their pics to social media.

  1. Camera FV-5 (price Free/ $3.95)

Best Camera Applications for Android

Camera FV-5 is the professional camera application for Android. It gives DSLR-like manual control. It has the following key features

  • It has adjustable photographic parameters.
  • It has the DSLR-like viewfinder.
  • It has built in intervalometer.
  • It provides a long time exposure support.
  • It has the most advanced electronic viewfinder.
  • It gives multi-language support.
  • It comes with powerful organization option.
  1. Camera JB+ (price: $1.99)

Best Camera Applications for Android

Camera JB+ is a good app that comes from the android jelly bean. It includes a complete photo editor. This photo editor enables you to edit pictures in an easy way.

Its important features are.

  • It has three modes camera, video recorder, and panorama.
  • It has a silent mode; there will be no sound while taking a picture.
  • It provides Configurable volume screen.
  • It has a countable timer.
  • It gives burst mode

4. Camera MX (Price: Free)

Best Camera Applications for Android

Camera MX is a best free camera application for Android smartphones and tablets. You can take images as moving as best memories themselves. This application has following features.

  • It has the facility to take live shots.
  • You can edit your audios and videos with live effects.
  • It has an attractive graphical user interface.
  • It provides you to adjust thing that includes brightness, rotation, contrast, saturation, temperature and many more.

5. Camera Zoom FX (Free within app purchase price: $0.99)

Best Camera Applications for Android

Camera Zoom FX is one of the camera apps that is being around for a long time. But it has changed itself with the time. It has added a lot of features according to new requirements like manual camera control and raw capture support. It has the following powerful features.

  • It is the fastest camera on Android.
  • It gives best photo mode.
  • It enables stable shot for taking better pics.
  • You can tap anywhere to shoot.
  • It provides live effects.
  • It provides funny enhancing effects.
  • It offers scene modes like day or night.
  • It has a powerful widget for your photos.
  1. Candy Camera (free: within app purchase)

Best Camera Applications for Android

Candy camera was not around a couple of years ago. It is the most popular camera app. It has various editing tools. It has the following features.

  • It has good filters for the selfie.
  • It has real beauty functions.
  • It gives decorative stickers that you can add to your selfies.
  • It has silent camera mood.
  • You can take multiple photos for a college.