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Before we talk about Android wallpaper, we will tell you the definition of wallpaper.
Wallpaper is a piece of paper used to cover or decorate a wall of a house, office, museum or any other place. People use these to make their house look beautiful. Similarly, computer and mobiles also have wallpaper, in smartphones which have desktop type interface, wallpaper act as a background for which desktop menu, icons, and other elements display and move around. Wallpaper can be in two formats JPEG or GIF, the operating systems which use wallpapers are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Macintosh, etc. Many operating systems provide pre-installed wallpaper image and users also have a choice to install wallpaper images from the third party and use one of these. You can place a wallpaper in center of your desktop when it is centered the image is in the middle and is surrounded by bright colors; wallpaper can also be set in stretched way so it can cover the whole screen but stretching makes images look distorted
Now Android also has wallpapers and use it the same as Android wallpapers. There are also built-in wallpapers but to make a phone look more beautiful users download wallpapers from wallpaper apps. Here are the top wallpapers which are viewed the most:

Android wallpaper
3D water droplets on window
Views: 113731
Samsung galaxy s4 balloons
Views: 32283
Black honeycomb
Views: 41525
3D Android with Backpack
Views: 38808
Black android face grainy
View: 25850
Black wood panels
There are also categories of best wallpapers which are ranked by downloads
Funny guy Android wallpaper, rank= 1
Car Android wallpaper, rank=2
Music Android wallpaper, rank=3
Joker Android wallpaper, rank= 4
Abstract Android wallpaper, rank=6
And many more categories which are listed as most downloaded.
Now let’s have a look at best android wallpapers apps
Finding wallpapers for your phone is not that difficult there are many apps available on play store some of which are

500 Firepaper:

This app has live wallpapers and also regular wallpapers. It is famous for its amazing photography and is available in free and pro versions.

Android Eclair Version
Android Eclair Version

Backgrounds HD:

It is very popular wallpaper app, it has a lot of variety of wallpaper to choose, you can also search wallpapers through categories. This app daily updates new wallpapers to its collection, and it’s for free

Android wallpaper
Cool Wallpapers HD:

Although this app is not as popular as Backgrounds HD but still it gets 4.8 rating out of 5 which is quite impressive, again this app is for free.

Android wallpaper

MTP ringtones and wallpapers:

Android Wallpaper
This app not only offers wallpapers but also have a collection of ringtones, alarm tones, notification tones and much more. This app works well and is for free you should try this one.


It is not a well-known app but still an excellent option to search wallpapers, it includes thousands of features and has a good variety of wallpapers, it uses material design will look great so you can also try this.
The benefit of using HD wallpaper in your android phone is that the phone looks beautiful and is enjoyable to use.

Android wallpaper
But the disadvantage is this, some HD wallpapers make your phone slow they makes your phone touch a bit slow, but you can use a wallpaper which suits your phone and can overcome this problem
So you should use HD Android wallpapers for android because they give a new life to your phone, it looks beautiful, and it becomes fun to use your phone.