Best Android Keyboards To Download

Best Android Keyboards

 Best Android Keyboards

Best Android Keyboards:

There are the variety of the keyboards, but the Best Android Keyboards have its features
Some people that don’t like the like their default keyboards in their cell they want to replace them with the best one .all people replace their keyboards according to their needs as some individuals replace their keyboards to increase their typing speed and to use images and emoji. Some of the Best Android Keyboards are there in which the best one is Google keyboards and second one is SwiftKey and also the other
• SwiftKey
• Google keyboards
• Swype
As above mention that the Best Android Keyboard is Google people can easily install on their phones through play store now, we discuss that for which purpose they all are used
1. Google keyboard is very useful for those people who are looking for the simple and quick keyboard app.For simplicity, people used this keyboard. One of the best features about it is that when you type your contact, the Google keyboard learns your contact and suggest their names .its design is very simple, and it supports built-in emoji and more than 25 languages.These keyboards are more reliable and speedy.In these keyboards, some gesture themes are also available.

Best Android Keyboards

2. The Swift keyboard is the most customizable. As compared to Google keyboard and others competitors, it also has the competitive space.It has the feature for supporting prediction and also the emoji to show emotions and typing through gestures .it also have the many themes, but its disadvantage is that some for some of its themes we have to pay.

Best Android Keyboards
3. Swype is best for swiping and useful for those people who don’t lift their fingers from the keyboard they just move their fingers by sliding over those letters they want to type.

Best Android Keyboards
4. FLEKSY is the keyboard that supports the gif. It has different keyboard layouts, and this kind of the keyboard has the property to invisible. It has forty or more themes and three customizable sizes.

Best Android Keyboards
The opinion of the people about Best Android keyboards are different. They support them according to their requirements. In the market the most commonly used keyboard is Google keyboard as they are simple and not like complicated and the ordinary people and professionals prefer Google keyboard to use. The Ordinary person also like the colorful themes for their keyboard, so they picked it according to the need. Children like the emoji, so they used the keyboard which supports that feature. Some people use Swype over Google keyboard because its speed is faster.
The Best Android Keyboards also has its uses and abuses. The uses of the best keyboard are that sometimes we type wrong spelling and don’t know which is correct spelling to the dictionary in such keyboards rectify the spelling by using the dictionary. Also, their advantage is that we don’t need to type words we just swipe and giving gestures, and the word is a type. The disadvantage of them is that some of it. Some people like the themes and don’t money to buy it. They also have the abuses that they take the extra space in phones.