Best Android Apps You Never Used Before

Top Android Apps

Best Android Apps

Here I am providing a detailed in-depth description of top three android apps. Android is a type of mobile phone operating system owned by an American company name Google. It’s emerging and best advantage is that it can easily installed on a variety of smartphones and tablets. It provides an easy access to services like searching on the web, youtube, maps and much more.
Now let me discuss best android apps
1. Cloud Magic (Price: Free)

Best Android Apps
CloudMagic burst onto the scene a few years prior and has become one of the best Android applications ever. This is an email customer where you make a CloudMagic record and afterward, sign into the more than one of your email addresses. From that point, to sign into the greater part of your messages, all you need to need to do is log into CloudMagic and you will automatically log into the rest of accounts. It’s a blessing in the event that you have a lot of messages. It additionally incorporates an assortment of profitability components, incorporating direct mix with applications like Google Calendar, Trello, Evernote, Todoist, Zendesk, and others. The greater part of its components are totally free and it is hung in flawlessly done Material Design. The free form is more than sufficient for generally needs.
The WSJ (Wall street journal an English language newspaper published from New York city) recommend it as the best email app on android.
it has a simple design Wbby Award (it is an award for excellence on the internet presented annually by the international academy of digital arts and sciences) for best visual design
it has a beautiful simple inbox providing pleasant reading experience and work with all email services.
2. Express VPN (Price: 8.32 $ per month)

Best Android Apps
At Number Second from Best Android Apps is What is VPN? And what you can do with it? A VPN is a power tool for devices that enhances the internet. With a VPN, one can do three cool things. One, watch movies and TV from any of his devices like laptop, mobile phone and tablets, fast and securely. Two, he can use part of internet block in the specific country. Three, he can keep his internet traffic private, even when he is on an unsecured public network. So what is VPN and how one can do all of that? VPN stands virtual private network. Express VPN’s has servers in more than a hundred locations around the world. Once one has an account, he can connect to the internet from any of these locations. Since the connection is private so movies will stream fast, free from throttling and buffering. Once he is connected, all his internet traffic is encapsulated in a tunnel, allowing it to pass through government filters. Inside that tunnel his data is encrypted, no one can see it. But he and the people to whom he sends it.
Best Android Apps3. The google drive suite (Free with in-app purchases):
At Number three Best Android Apps It is a cloud storage (model of data storage which store digital data in logical pools and the physical environment is owned and managed by a hosting company) solution. It provides 15GB of storage for free on signing up and additional storage can be purchased on demand. The inclusion of android apps such as Google Doc (provide facilities to write, edit documents online), Google sheets(use to write, edit spreadsheet documents online), Google slides(use to make amazing power point slides online), Google Photos(use to organize manage and find your images) and Google Keep(Provide facilities for writing ideas, thoughts on a safe place) make it so special. One can import data from all these things and store on the drive. Between the workplace applications, the Photos application (which permits boundless photograph and video reinforcement), and Keep for note taking, you have applications for all intents and purposes anything you have to do as far as efficiency. A portion of the elements of these applications incorporates live coordinated effort, profound sharing components, and similarity with Microsoft Office archives. So after checking best android apps for your phone , now you must decide which apps you have to download.