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Pop-ups are the most unwanted advertise. Many people want to get rid of these ads. There are many ways to stop these pop-ups appearing on the Android phones. Some Android Ad Blocker apps are used to avoid these pop-ups. There is a browser having the built-in Android Ad Blocker. This browser is Opera. Android Ad blockers also save battery. It improves battery life. It reduces a load on Android’s CPU. Chrome is the default browser in Android. It doesn’t accept ad block plugins. There are more two browsers:
• Adblock Browser
• Ghostery Privacy Browser
Both browsers are free. Both have a plus point to set one of these as the default browser. Firefox can also download on Android. It can also install extensions to avoid adds. But here we are talking about ad blockers. There are many Android Ad Blocker apps. Installing any good ad blocker can prevent ads.
These are following ads blockers for Android Phones and Tablets:

1. Adblock Plus:

It is a banned app on Google’s Play Store. Now It cannot be found on Google’s Play Store. Adblock plus’s team is still offering Android Adblock plus. It can download from their website. Adblock Plus is the most advanced Android Ad Blocker. It is available for following browsers and devices:
• Android mobiles
• Android tablets

Android AdBlock Plus
Android Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus has following features:
• Block Ads
• Acceptable Ads
• it can Disable Tracking
• it can Disable Malware Domains
• it can Disable Social Media Buttons
• Typo Protection
This app is free to download. It is easy to use and download.

2- NoRoot Ad-Remover Lite:

• This app is available at Google’s Play Store
• As the name of this app shows that Android device should not be rooted
• By installing this app, ad will not display
• Those ads which show inside of any app will also never display again
• Its lite version can block adds of two apps
• For blocking ads of additional apps, you need to purchase its upgraded version

Noroot Ad-remover Lite
Noroot Ad-remover Lite

3- Ad-Vanish Pro:
• It can block ads from offline apps
• It works on unrooted device
• It is one of the best apps to block ads
• It also has lite version like NoRoot Ad-Remover
• It can block ads for few apps
• This app is also free

4- TrustGo Ad Detector:

• This app can scan Android devices
• It also protects Android devices
• It protects devices from privacy violations and identity leaks
• These violations and leaks occur due to ads displays
• By installing this app, personal information can be safe and private
• It is a different kind of Android Ad Blocker
• Its name shows that it can quickly detect ads itself

5- AppBrain Ad Detector:

• This app is just like TrustGo Ad Detector
• It can detect any app which displays unwanted push notifications
• It can also detect spam ads
• It can also identify those apps that leak personal information to third-parties
• It also alerts that which app can access accounts and messages
• It helps to remove those apps
• This app looks for seventy different dimensions of apps activity
• It is the best app to keep personal information safe and private

AppBrain Ad Detector
AppBrain Ad Detector

6- Seven AdClear:

• it can work on every device
• It filters out ads before they attack browsing and apps
• It is best in market at blocking YouTube ads
• It is the first app on Android which can block encrypted ads
• It also saves battery life
• It also saves loading time
• It keeps device safe from Malware-infected ads
• The best thing is that its free app

7- AdAway:

This app is for rooted devices. It can block ads from any website, apps on Android devices. It can also block ads from games. It has following features:
• This app has white and black list
• White list for those apps and websites which deserve to show ads
• Blacklist for those apps and website which display unwanted ads
• It is easy to setup
• It needs one-time setup
• It is best for battery life
• It does not ask for many resources
• It can’t download from Google’s Play Store


8- Adguard:

This app is for non-rooted devices. It can block ads from apps and websites. It protects a device from phishing and malicious apps. It has following features:
• It is easy to setup
• It also blocks trackers
• It can work on every device
• It consumes high battery
• It doesn’t prevent contents on https sites

9- Block This! 2.1

Block This is a free app. It is an open source ad blocker. This app is not available on Google’s Play Store as it has banned recently. It has following features:
• It works in all apps and browsers
• It can do protection from Malware
• It increases browsing speed
• It reduces mobile data traffic
• It also saves battery life

It doesn’t matter that for which app you want to use. All apps have their benefits and disadvantages.