Android’s definition you must Know.

Android's definition

Android's definitionAndroid’s definition

What is Android ? Android’s definition is here to explain what basically Android is? . Android is an operating system used for mobile devices. It is developed by is based on Linux kernel. It is designed for mobile devices, tablets, etc. It is usually designed for touch screens. Google has also developed Android tv for television, android wear for the wrist watch, Android Auto for cars, each has an interactive user interface.Android is everywhere, and it is used in various devices like digital camera, game console, notebook and other electronics devices.

Consider Following Things Related To Android’s Definition.


Android interface is based on direct manipulation, using touch input usually along with virtual keyboards. The respond to user input is immediate and provide a fluid interface. The user also gets a haptic feedback by using a vibration capabilities. Android home screen is made up of app icons and widgets. App icons start the associated application. Widgets display live and auto updating contents like user’s email box, live and auto updating. In Android operating system the top of the screen is a status bar, it shows information about the device and its connectivity. The status can also be lifted down to see the notification. Information about new call and messages received in a way that does not disturb the user. Once a user opens the message or touched on the screen, this notification disappeared. Android 4.0 provides a new Features for the missed call notification and also providing the option to call back or message back.


An application is written in Android software development kit and the Java programming languages. Java may be used with C, C++ languages. Google play has published 1 million of application for Android OS usually, and more than 50 billion has been downloaded. Most of the application is developed for Android.
Memory management:
Android provide the functionality to keep power consumption at the minimum. When the user is not interacting with the screen so, the screen turned off automatically to save power. Screen respond immediately if the user touches the screen when it is turning off. Android devices are usually battery powered.

Platform usage:

Following are the versions of Android with its usage level:
1. Marshmallow (13.3%) current version
2. Lollipop (35.1%)
3. KitKat (30.1%)
4. Jelly Bean (17.8%)
5. Froyo (0.1%)
6. Ice cream sandwich (1.7%)
7. Gingerbread (1.9%)

Famous Android application

Following are the list of famous android application:
• Angry Bird
• Twitter
• Skype
• Adobe flash player
• Dropbox
• Instagram
• MY talking tom
• Subway surfers
• Candy crush saga
• Google translate etc.

Famous downloaded android application:

• Gmail
• Facebook
• YouTube
• Google map
• Google search
• Google Drive
• Messenger
• Google search
• Google play game
• Google play music etc.

To get the best performance and features from the Android smartphone, you should use the updated version. Updated version not only for applications but also for OS. An updated version always gives you a new and better features and sometimes also gives you a better interface.