Android Widgets to Make Your Phone Productive

android widgets

Android Widgets

Android widgets: the applications that allow a user to perform certain functions. Almost every smartphone uses them. They do not take much storage space.For example music widgets are very standard on musician’s page. It allows people to listen to songs. Music widgets are available in all sizes and shapes. Like music widget, calendar widget let you know about coming events and plans. Widgets can be moved and removed easily.
Widgets make your phone more productive. They let you see everything at once. And that uses less battery power in this way. Widgets on the home screen save you time. They continuously update information e.g. weather widget.

Weather timeline:

android widgets
weather timeline

This widget is available for one dollar in the app store. As the name refers it shows the detail of the climate changes. But it has much more things to offer:
• It shows changes in the weather in the form of graphical scale
• It allows us to see the radar maps
• It also indicates the position of the moon
• It shows visualized clouds and winds formation.
• It gives information on the air pressure, humidity, etc.

Battery HD:

Set Battery widget at any position on the home screen. It can be set vertical or horizontal according to the need. It will prove to be decorative. It is the best battery monitor. It indicates the usage and the remaining battery life. It alerts when the battery is low. Battery HD notifies us by showing notifications. Things that are followed on the first page are:
• Internet Browsing
• Video Playback
• Talk Time (2G and 3G)
The second page shows how long your battery will last with things like:
• Playing 2D and 3D games
• Reading
• Video chat
• Taking photos
• Recording video

Slider Widget:

Slider widget is used to control volume levels on Android. It offers:
• Volume control of various practices
• We volume up music while keeping notification, videos mute
• It displays each volume level separately.

DiGi Clock Widget:

android widgets
DiGi Clock Widget

DiGi clock widget allows you to customize your clock. It is one of the best Android widgets. It offers:
• Different colors
• Formats
• Themes
It makes the appearance more decent. As that is how a clock should be i.e. simple. It is more user-friendly than any other widget. Anyone can change the appearance with its wide range of features.

Beautiful Widgets:

Beautiful widgets have a plenty of Android widgets. The number of widgets is the reason we are using it for a long time. It includes:
• Flip clock and weather combo
• Weather widgets
• Various toggles
• Battery gauge
They can be easily customized. And can be changed to match the theme of the home screen.


This widget works with row and columns. You can do following actions:
• Add as many icons as you want in those
• Unlike other, it allows us to load all app icons on one screen.

Days Left Widget:

Waiting for a special day or an event? This widget can make it more attractive and comfortable. Days left widget can place little widgets on a home screen. Each one of them then counts down to that specific day. It is more like a reminder. You can add as many widgets you want to depend on the events.
The main advantages of Android widgets are:
• They consume very less storage
• They save storage space
• And make services available to us without any extensive search
• People don’t have to find links and other stuff because they would always be in front of them
• Widgets do take less space, but they surely use some resources
• Too many of them can make phone lag. Above all widgets do make thing easy. We can tie up essential information like unread emails, battery usage, alarms, etc.