Top Android Wear Watch Faces Download

android wear watch faces

Top Android Wear Watch Faces

Android Wear Watch Faces are developing each day and providing tons of facilities/features for its users. People can download these watch faces very quickly. And so it’s easier to bring watch’s face to life. 2.0 update will be here soon which will bring more faces to download. It has become quite hard to choose as there are many watch faces. They are becoming popular each day. They are quite flexible on devices such as
• Round-faced Android Wear smartwatch e.g. Moto 360, LG Watch Urbane
• Regular rectangular like Sony SmartWatch 3or Asus ZenWatch 2
Some of Android Wear Watch Faces are as follows

Android Wear Watch Faces

Wear Mini:

Wear mini is available for free on Google Play. Wear mini offers many customization options such as
• 12 backgrounds
• Five dialing styles
• Analog style can be accessed
• Two border designs
It allows you to access apps and widgets from watch face. Watch face doesn’t allow all options. Thus if you open an app on your phone, you’ll see plenty of options. There will be four tabs
• Behavior
• Customization
• Tools
• Other
Each of them performs a different function. Behavior tab allows you to organize apps in the launcher. Customization tab gives background selection and the number of columns in the launcher. Tool tab helps you to adjust notifications. It is also Important in Android Wear Watch Faces for users.

Asics Watchface for Activity:

Asics watch face is compatible for both round and square faces. Asics watch face tracks your day’s progress. Then it compares it with the previous one. Its layout is easy and user-friendly. You can create your workout plans. If you miss, it automatically makes changes and adjusts accordingly. Continuous use of GPS can cause loss of battery power. It can provide other services such as
• Share your achievements
• You can view your position through GPS
• It can play soundtrack

InstaWeather for Android Wear:

Instaweather is available free on Google Play. But you’ll have to pay for some advanced features. It shows weather updates. It also displays satellite images to show imminent climate changes. It is easy to use. It has nine different types of watch faces. Each of which has its features. Five of them are as follows
• Meteogram
• IW Hourly Forecast
• IW Weather Forecast
• IW Bar Chart Forecast
• IW Daily Fit

Kevin Tong Watch Face:

Kevin Tong, an American illustrator, has teamed up with MediaMonks to bring his creations to life. It displays many robotic illustrations. They are either male or female. The animation of these robots changes as the day passes. These animations show time in digits.
• Many watch faces are available for different purposes
• They can be easily customized
• Number of options can be adjusted
• Updates with time
• Straightforward and easy to use
• Notification alerts

• Not all features are for free
• Low battery life
• Some of the watch faces are extremely expensive
• Not all of them are flexible and lacks high resolution.

So we must select best Android Wear Watch Faces for your device.