How Android Wear facilitate its users.

Android Wear

Android Wear

Android Wear is the version of Google’s operating system for wearables and smartwatches. It connects your mobiles devices with Android version 4.3 or newer. It integrates with Google now. Android wear allows users to receive notifications from your Android devices on smart watches. It also allows for users to check and response notifications using swipe or voice gestures. A user can also download the apps from Google play by Android wear. It allows connectivity either with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi that support multiple features and applications. Wearables are the significant achievement for smart technology. On March 18, 2014, Google announced wears from its operating system platform, as the name indicates Android Wear. On August 31, 2015, Google announced Smart wears would also be compatible with iOS devices. Watch styles may be square, round and rectangular which includes Motorola Moto 360, Samsung Gear and LG G watch. Android wear had between 1to5 million app installations till January 15, 2016.

Android Wear

1) Respond to text by voice:
It provides functionality to reply to the text by voice. It notifies you with the incoming message. When you have seen this message, you just need to leave your phone. It can just reply with voice.
For example, if you are on the peddle, and someone asks you “how long until you get here?”. So it becomes difficult to type on it, you just need to say “I am on the way and coming in just 10 minutes.

Android Wear
2) Hands-free Google Now:-
Google now is the standout feature. It gives best reply to your queries such as “where is the nearest police station” or “what is the highly ranked university in the world?”. It is always ready when you need it.

Android wear
3) Sleep tracking:-
It features to alarm your sleep. Plethora is an Android app that has the feature to track your sleep and wake you at the favorable time. But some devices require your device under your pillow to detect for the sensor.

Android wear
4) Interacting with non-smartphone device:
One of the exciting features that Google showed off Android wears to interact with the environment. Humans can use to open a door by saying “OK, Google open the door.” It provides most efficient ways to interact with the environment. In coming days, we predict to say “OK; Google start the car.”
5) Control Music:
Android smartwatches will allow us to entertain with music without having your phone nearby. It can start a playlist on the fly, adjust playback volume and can change the track.

Android wear
6) Locate your phone:
Android Wear devices are capable of finding your missing mobile. It can also provide robust security features with screen locking when your phone has swiped.

Android wear
7) Weather and Traffic alert:
Get weather updates and current traffic condition at a particular place. It can also alert about flight status.

android wear

8) Fitness monitoring:
Get fitness coaching from fitness apps. It can track your distance, steps, and calories when you run, walk or ride on the bike. It can also measure your heart beat rate.

Android wear

So Google is now promising “what you need to know when you need them” with Android wear. Now it has become the most advanced technology in this era