Android Video Editor to Jazz Up your Videos

android video editor

Android Video Editor

Android video editor is used by almost everyone these days. Android offers many video editing applications. It is becoming the need of both professional and ordinary people. Video editing is the process of manipulating videos. Video editing includes
• sequencing video images
• Colour correction
• Special effects
• Rearranging
• Sound mixing
• Cutting
• Adding music
• Adding text

People could create videos with special cameras and video recorder in the past. But now it is easy to capture moments in a video. You can record videos on a smartphone. With the development, it is easy to edit videos on your Android device. It can be recorded in high quality too. Video editing apps save a lot of time. These apps give best results. Some of the top video editing apps are:


AndroVid is one of the best Android video editors. It provides you a list of options for editing. Some of them are
• Trim command is used to remove a part from a video.
• Split command allows you to divide video into segments
• Grab command saves a frame as an image
This app allows you to save video as a mp3 file. You can also add a music file to it. But you cannot set the starting and end point for the music. It is one of its disadvantages.
• This app allows you to add text
You only have to write it and drag it with your finger wherever you want it.
The size of the text can be adjusted.
You can also change the color.
• AndroVid has many filter effects. Some of them are limited only for the pro version.
• You can also change the size and quality of the video.

The main con of this app is that it lacks advanced editing options. The user interface is not easy to understand. And the ad-free version is costly.


Viddy is a free video editing app. It provides easy editing options. It allows you to create your social group on Viddy. And you can share your video there. It is available for
• Google Android
• Apple iOS
• Desktop web browsers
It gives astounding results. It has its music library. We can add any music in our video.
Its main con is that all shared videos are public. Anyone can share any video with any censorship. Hence it’s bad for children to have access to such content.

Video Maker Pro:

Another type of Android video editor isVideo Maker Pro allows you to make professional like videos in minutes. Like other useful apps, it also has features like
• Trim
• Split
• Video frame capturing
• Filter effects
• You can divide video into parts
• Background music
• Slow motion effect
All the things that are needed to make a film are present in it. Its interface is easy to understand. It is user-friendly. And it hardly creates any problem while running its features. We can make and share our videos on sites e.g. YouTube. It takes the storage space of 6MB.

Adobe Premiere Clip:

Adobe Premiere Clip is free and easy to use. It is improving by time. It offers essential features like trimming etc. It offers
• You can add title slides
• Video cutting
• Video clips can be merged
• Add music of your choice
• Highlight and Shadows can be adjusted
• Apply filter to clips
Adobe Premiere Clip knows what kind of editing one can need. You do not need incredibly sophisticated editing on a smartphone. It lacks some of the features when used on a computer. Hence it is best for quick editing.
Its main con is that you can add only one soundtrack. You cannot play it half way through the video. Title addition is also not very flexible. You can add and change the color of text. But you cannot change its position.

android video editor
Adobe Premiere Clip
android video editor
Adobe Premiere Clip

Kine Master:

Kine master gives plenty of features for editing. You can import videos, images, soundtrack, and edit it. It has many options to improve the quality of the video. It has a voice recorder. Through which, you can speak throughout your video. You can narrate it e.g. like tutorials.
• It gives a broad range of options to edit videos like professionals.
• Limited devices support it

Some of the pros and cons of Android video editor are as follows

• Android video editing apps allow quick editing
• Increase video quality
• Add soundtracks at desired levels
• Color correction and trimming becomes easy
• Wide range of editing tools
• Not all apps support all editing features
• Free apps lack many options
• Some of them work best on limited devices
• Some apps have video sharing option that requires censorship