Android USB Drivers for your Device

Android USB Drivers
Android USB Drivers

Android USB Drivers

For development on computer and testing your application on the device you need to connect that device. For device connection, appropriate Android USB Drivers are installed. For Android phones and tablets, USB drivers are required. These drivers connect them to the computer. During the development of the computer, it requires Android SDK USB driver. It’s nice to have this driver. Whenever you want to install it, you can install. This driver can b download for:
• Windows
It can be download from the official websites of devices. There are many Android USB Drivers for:
• Windows 7
• Windows 8
• Windows 10
• Mac OS X
• Linux
Once you download the driver and install it, it can do many tasks on Computer like:
• It can Move data from computer to phone or from phone to computer
• It can browse the mobile’s files in computer
• It allows transferring data
If this driver is not installed on the computer, then the computer cannot access the phone. Most of the android user are facing this problem. There are Android USB Drivers for all the latest Android phones like:
• LG
• Sony
• Nexus
• Moto
• Samsung
• Xiaomi
These all android ask to install Android USB Drivers. After that, it can easily connect android device to the Windows or Mac.

Android USB Drivers
Android USB Drivers

These are following Android USB Drivers for Android and Mac:

• Moto USB Driver:

These drivers are for devices like:
1. Moto G
2. Moto X
3. Moto E

Moto X USB Drivers
Moto X USB Drivers

• Google’s Nexus Driver:

These drivers are for Nexus devices. Nexus devices like:
1. Nexus 5
2. Nexus 7
3. Nexus 4

Nexus USB Driver
Nexus USB Driver

• Samsung USB Drivers:

These drivers are for Samsung mobiles and tablets. These are compatible with latest smartphones like:
1. Note
2. Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy Note 3-USB Drivers Installation
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 USB Drivers Installation

• LG Android USB Drivers for Mac and Windows:

These are for LG mobiles in which LG G3 and LG G Flex are included.

LG G3 USB Drivers
LG G3 USB Driversppoookkb

• HTC Android USB Drivers:

These USB Drivers are for HTC. HTC mobiles like:
1. HTC One M8
2. HTC M7
3. HTC One Mini.

HTC USB Drivers
HTC USB Drivers

• Sony Android USB Drivers:

These Android USB Drivers are for Sony Mobiles. Mobiles like:
1. Sony Xperia Z3
2. Sony Xperia Z2
3. Sony Experia Compact

Sony USB Driver
Sony USB Driver

• Xiaomi Android USB Drivers:

These drivers are for latest Xiaomi devices like:
1. Mi4
2. Redmi Note
3. Mi3
4. Redmi 1s

Xiaomi USB Drivers
Xiaomi USB Drivers

How to install a USB Driver?

Firstly, find out the best USB Driver for the device. We can download it from the official sites. Download the driver. Follow the instruction to install the driver or to upgrade the driver. It depends on the vision of the windows. Maybe you are installing for the first time or upgrading it.

There are more drivers like ADB USB drivers. This driver is installed to root the Android devices. It is also used for custom recovery of the Android device.