Android TV Apps for Pure Entertainment

Android TV

Android TV Apps

Android TV is becoming more popular with time. More and more devices are introducing it. It offers more games and apps than before. Users have access to Google Play Store. And they can download Android streaming apps such as
• Netflix
• CineTrailer Cinema
• Kodi
Besides TV channels, Android TV offers
• Games
• Music
• Radio
People can also download games. And lets you play them just like PlayStation TV. It is becoming the source of pure entertainment. By having Android TV device then, apps provides the best TV experience. Music streaming services are also making their way to Android TV. Following are some of the best Android TV apps.

Sling TV:

Android TV
Android TV

Sling TV is live streaming regardless of location. It offers services with any cable connection or any contract. It is also worth noting that Sling TV has partnered up with T-Mobile to offer their users unlimited streaming on their devices without using their LTE data.
Sling TV offers features like
• 3-Day Play
• Pause, Rewind and Fast-Forward
• On-Demand Content
• Watch Anywhere


Android TV
Android TV

AllCast is an app that allows you to watch videos on your phone to your Android TV. It is user-friendly. The interface is easy to use. You can see images, videos, music, etc through your phone. You just have to open them, and the app will do the rest. Google Cast supports this app. A free demo can be tried to get to know it better.


Android TV
Android TV

Spotify is popular for its music streaming. Like all other music apps, you can make playlists and listen to it on shuffle. It is easy to use. We can keep track of the latest music, albums, artists, and trends. Spotify works smooth as it makes deluxe versions of the albums available as soon as it releases.
It has new service called Spotify Connect. It is a feature designed to give wireless music movement. Through this, we can control music from any place.
It has
– Great new look
– Music is excellent
– Unique features
– Latest content


Android TV
Android TV

Hulu came into existence in 2008. Its subscribers are increasing day by day. Its major con is that it is available only in the USA. It offers the modern TV productions, movies and much more. And can have access to many networks such as
• Comedy Central etc
Hulu’s notable features are
• Commercial free
• On-Demand HD Content
• Watch Anywhere


YouTube is available and popular worldwide. It is because it gives access to millions of videos. It is most useful Android TV app. It was the first site/app that made video sharing easy.
• YouTube allows us to create and share our videos
• It offers customization features
• You can able and disable comment on your video
• You can even specify the viewers

• You can watch a wide variety of movies, channels, etc
• Besides TV, you can play games
• Android TV has very useful music apps
• It makes videos available through YouTube, Daily motion, etc
• Android TV apps can sort out a particular movie, series, etc. by giving some keywords.
• Users can access Google Play Store directly

• It lacks things like Amazon Prime Video and NOW TV apps
• Security issue
• TV operators might not have total control over their products
Android TV apps are likely vulnerable to many problems and threats