Android TV app for you, Best way to watch TV.

Android TV app

Android TV app

Android TV app enables you to watch TV anywhere. If you are thinking of ditching your TV cable and you are tired of paying bills for a satellite dish? So it is good news for you, watch TV anywhere. Android TV app allows you to watch your favorite episode without any cost on your tablet or smartphones. All you need is just to download the right app from the google play store.
TV apps contain all you favorite TV shows or films, dramas, news channels, etc.
Everyone is using smartphones and downloading many apps. People do all their work on the smartphone like searching, social media, online games, etc.

Android TV app

Famous Android TV apps:

Following are some famous TV apps:
• AllCast
• Google play music
• Hullu
• Netflix
• Kodi
• Plex
• Spotify

Google Play Music:

Google play music is one of the most common apps that everyone should at least try. Use Google play music manager to upload 5000 songs from your computer to a google play music library. You can upload your favorite songs and listen on your smartphone and tablets etc.Try this app now and have fun.


Netflix is an Android TV app. It is also a cord cutter cable app. This app is all about watching movies. Netflix was one of the first TV apps, and it has had a long period of improvement as compared to has a mind blowing original content, and other features, and you will end up with a good experience. It has a few issues but nothing major.


Another app that any TV app user will tell you to download is Kodi. And they are right. It offers a very clear way to view or play all the content including your videos, pics, audio and so on. Many users are using Kodi app. And they have a good experience of using it.


YouTube is one of the most popular Android TV apps. Many users whether they are new or experienced users all is using YouTube. Youtube provides us fast access to videos. A huge data is available on YouTube and can be used for study and research purpose.


Spotify is the best music streaming service that you can use.It is very simple to use. It has many features with playlist option, songs, and excellent is one of the best apps out there. Google play is a real competitor of it, but if you all is music, so Spotify is the best.