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Android ROMs

Android ROMs

A custom Android ROMs (Read only memory) replaces your device Operating system usually stored in read only memory with a new version of an android operating system. If you want to upgrade your android device or you want more control over the phone or on your tablet, so you are looking for a new ROM. New custom ROM will give you a completely new mobile operating system.

Android ROMs
There are many ROM for your device but which ROM is the best is something important to note. It’s important to know that not every ROM is available for every device. Some of them are used to upgrade your operating system and some speed up your phone. You have to make sure before installation that your device must support the ROM.
If you are seeking for the latest version of android so you need to install a custom ROM. Many users never update their mobile phones or tablets or update may be taking too much time. If you are using an old android phone and it is not receiving updates information so this is the right time to install a custom ROM. Older devices those were not officially updated can use the latest version of android. CyanogenMod is the most popular custom ROM that can be used to update the old devices.

Apps permission:
Custom apps include a way to manage android app permission, it prevents Facebook from tracking your GPS location or you can also play an android game online without giving them your phone numbers and other identity information.

Why should I not install custom Android ROM?
When there are many advantages of custom apps there are also some disadvantages.

Battery life problem

Custom Rom app can drain the battery of your android phone. It uses battery faster than an official ROM.

Hardware issues

It has some issues with hardware devices. It may not completely support all the hardware on your android phone. E.g. a smart camera may not take a picture like it takes in official ROM.
Searching for a Custom ROM?
If you are searching for a custom ROM and don’t know where to start so you should start with CyanogenMod’s and make sure it supports your hardware. You can also visit the XDA developer’s forum for your android device and can find a proper custom ROM especially for your device.

Famous Android ROMS

Some famous Android ROMS are listed below:
• Acer ROMS
• Advent ROMS
• Amazon ROMS
• Asus ROMs
• Dell ROMs