Android Radio for Best Radio Streaming

Android Radio

Android Radio

Like other stuff, radio has revolutionized with time. It’s not like before when you had big old ones. And you had trouble finding the right signal and the right channel. With the increasing number of radio apps, you can get live streaming anywhere and anytime. You don’t control each and everything like playback, repeat, playlists, etc. Here are some best Android radio apps.

Google Play Music:

We use Google Play Music for both
• RadioAndroid Radio
Google play free version gives you radio streaming but for music streaming and many other advanced features, we have to pay $9.99 per month. Google play maintains an enormous amount of music collections. You can listen to songs of any era depending on your mood or some event. It has your back got covered. You’ll find music of each and every kind of genre.

Smooth Radio:

Smooth Radio is available for free on App Store. It is the best way to listen to music and radio channels. It provides other feature like
• Music News
• Music quiz and puzzles
• Information about any song
• Live radio streaming in high quality
• Videos
• New music releases
This app is considered best for streaming radio stations. It works smoothly also it’s easy to use.

TuneIn Radio:

Listen to the radio for free. It offers more than 100,100 locations. It will provide all kind of information and news from all over the world. With TuneIn, you can listen to radio anywhere and anytime. Its premium version offers features such as:
• NFL, MLB and BPL games
• 600 music stations without commercials
• More than 40,000 audiobooks
• No ads
this Android Radio app has many advanced features. Few of them are as below.
• Displays favorite in no time
• Live radio and online radio
• Listen to desired content on demand
• Share your favorites on social media

iHeartRadio (free):

Android Radio
Android Radio

It has a large collection of stations plus music. Music you can listen to according to your mood. It has popular AM and FM stations from far off cities like Los Angeles, New York even Mexico City.
• Get live news about sports. Let yourself know what is happening in sports around the world. Tune into your favorite talk shows at your favorite sports channels such as ESPN.
• Increase your knowledge about the worldwide news through channels like CNN, BBC, etc
• Listen to the music of all genres.
Create your station with music of your favorite artists like Halsey, the Script, Back Street Boys, etc
• Listen to best music for every occasion. It will offer you music for all kinds of activities such as road trip, picnic, workout music, etc.
You can use iHeartRadio in your car through Android Auto. You can use this app anywhere and anytime you want.
Google built Android Auto that allows you to use apps such as
• Google Maps
• Google Play Music
• Google Now
• Also third party applications
You can also access Android Radio apps in your car through Android Auto. It supports the idea that you can listen to android radio even when you’re traveling. These apps are easy to use and provide best radio streaming experience.